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Academic excellence at Anderson University means connecting intellectual inquiry with experiential learning within a context of academic and Christian discovery. Upon graduation, our students are prepared to apply their knowledge, skills, and abilities to their vocational calling. AU graduates make a difference!

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Programs at AU

Major Major: a large concentration of courses that deepen your expertise in a subject.
Minor Minor: a smaller concentration of courses allowing you to deepen any of your interests.
3 year program 3-year: a major that has a 3-year degree path, getting you closer to your degree, faster.
Complementary Major Complementary: study two different majors at once by pursuing one of them as a complementary major to your main major.

Online program Online: a program that is offered fully online, from start to finish.
Pre-professional program Pre-professional: a series of courses and advising that helps you prepare for grad school for a particular profession.
Associate Program Associate: a 2-year degree path that deepens your understanding of liberal arts in a concentration of your choice. Online students may take concentrations in Business, Business Administration and Leadership, History, or Sociology.

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