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School of Nursing & Kinesiology MINORs

Minors in the School of Nursing and Kinesiology are open to all students, but may require additional courses if your major is in another department. We have provided the typical coursework below to give you a good idea of what topics you will get the chance to study with each minor.


15-Hour Minor

The athletic coaching minor is a program for non-teaching majors who want to become a coach in a youth sports setting. This program combines sports theory classes, risk management, sports psychology, and sports participation.


16-Hour Minor

The nutrition minor is designed to provide a sound background in nutrition, but without courses that stress clinical chemistry and dietetics. A minor in nutrition is an excellent choice for students who wish to enter the fitness, medical, health, and human services related professions.


15- Hour Minor

The minor in sport and recreational leadership aims to complement majors in areas such as exercise science, youth leadership development, criminal justice, and other fields focusing on leadership and community building.

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