School of Theology & Christian Ministry Minors

All students are welcome to complete a minor from the School of Theology and Christian Ministry. The school seeks to produce individuals of faith and integrity by integrating learning and Christian faith, so that our graduates are prepared to serve the needs of others in a global society.

bible and religion major

Courses in this minor are drawn from areas of theology, Bible, and religion as students explore the biblical sources of the Christian religion and its theology, practice, and relation to life and culture.

ethics minor

The ethics 15-hour minor is designed to provide additional depth and is focused on continuing moral concerns facing humans, their institutions, and the wider creation. 


This 15-hour minor explores courses such as Introduction to Religion, History of Christianity, and A World of Religions.

history of christianity

This 16 hour minor strengthens students’ preparation for servanthood in today’s world by connecting theological, biblical, and ministerial knowledge with students’ base of knowledge.


This 15-hour minor aims to provide further understanding and appreciation of the nature, role, and diversity of Christian experience throughout history.

Christian Spiritual Formation

Christian spiritual formation, available as a 15-hour minor, allows students from any major to take courses encouraging critical thinking about the integration of their faith.

philosophy minor

This is a 15-hour minor. Courses in philosophy involve students in relative consideration of the nature of humanity, society, morality, religion, the arts, and the natural world. 

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