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All students are welcome to complete a minor from the School of Theology and Christian Ministry. The school seeks to produce individuals of faith and integrity by integrating learning and Christian faith, so that our graduates are prepared to serve the needs of others in a global society.

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Biblical Studies


Courses in this minor are drawn from the related areas of theology, Bible, and religion as students explore the biblical sources of Christian religion and its theology, practice, and relation to life and culture.

Christian Ministries

16-hour Minor

This minor strengthens students’ preparation for servanthood in today’s world by connecting theological, biblical, and ministerial knowledge with students’ base of knowledge.

Christian Spiritual Formation

15-hour Minor

Christian spiritual formation, available as a complementary major or minor at Anderson University, allows students from any major outside ministerial studies to take an organized group of courses encouraging critical thinking about the integration of their faith with what they are learning from academic disciplines.


15-hour Minor

The ethics minor is designed to provide additional depth and strength in the critical study of moral and ethical deliberations and is particularly focused on continuing moral concerns facing humans, their institutions, and the wider creation. The ethics minor is designed to strengthen the knowledge base of departmental majors, but may also complement the interests of students in other majors.

The program consists of 15 hours of exceptional needs coursework, practicums that increase in duration and intensity, and student teaching in a special education setting.

History of Christianity

15-hour Minor

This minor aims to provide further understanding and appreciation of the nature, role, and diversity of Christian experience throughout history, as well as reflection on the role and ability of the church’s past to inform its present and future.


15-hour Minor

Courses in philosophy involve students in relative consideration of the nature of humanity, society, morality, religion, the arts, and the natural world. These courses contribute to the liberal arts education in two basic ways: they help students understand and assess beliefs that are integral to their views of human existence, and they are meant to enable students to acquire philosophical skills and materials that enrich and integrate the study of other disciplines. Essential to the success of each course is an atmosphere of openness to diverse viewpoints and a respect for the high standards of critical thinking.


15-hour Minor

This minor explores courses such as Introduction to Religion, History of Christianity, and A World of Religions.

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