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Business Information Systems

The complementary major in business information systems (BIS) at Anderson University is designed for students who are interested in applying both business knowledge and computer science to another primary major. 

Knowledge in both business and computer science brings a strong advantage to graduates entering the current job market. Helping businesses improve efficiencies through the use of computer systems, BIS offers students an understanding of the interrelations between a company’s business decisions and its information systems. This major provides a focus on core business topics such as management, accounting, economics, statistics, communication, and marketing, as well as technology.

Program Overview

Business Informations Systems

The business information systems complementary major at Anderson University provides students a robust integration of business and technology study through selected coursework. BIS combines preparation in information systems with selected core courses in business, and provides strong preparation for using technology within business environments. 

Students will learn how to build software applications for specific business needs, design technical tools for effective website management and business communications, and more. Additionally, the BIS minor is an excellent choice for students interested in accounting, graphic design, nursing, or law.



  • This program is offered as a complementary major, meaning students must pair it with another area of study at AU.


  • eCommerce Developer
  • Support Specialist
  • Information Systems Auditor
  • Database Administrator
  • Business Analyst
  • Information Security Analysts
  • Information Systems Consultant
  • Computer and Information Systems Managers
  • Computer Systems Engineers/Architects
  • Computer and Information Research Scientists

    3+1 Program

    • Graduate with a complementary major in business information systems and a MBA with the 3+1 program. You’ll spend four years total at AU and earn two degrees while you’re here.


    • Principles of Accounting
    • Principles of Management
    • Principles of Marketing
    • Social Media
    • Computer Science
    • Database Programming

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