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Our world is becoming more divided along political, religious, and ideological lines, while at the same time becoming more diverse, global, and specialized.

That’s why today’s graduates need advanced academic training from Anderson University to compete in this fierce marketplace and live out the character of Christ to bring peace wherever they serve.

Students are looking for a Christian university where they can be fully trained for a lifetime of service in their chosen career or ministry.

They want to work, to serve, to help solve these problems, and to make their mark.

At Anderson University, students come as they are —

and here, they find a meaningful community where they’re challenged and inspired to discover who they’re meant to be.

Unlike any other academic institution, Anderson University is where students are transformed into Christ-like servants. AU grads are men and women with a global perspective who are competent, caring, creative, generous individuals of character and potential.

Students come to AU for cutting-edge training in Information (Cyber) Security, groundbreaking dance and stage performance courses, and innovative nursing or engineering programs empowering them to live out their faith in all walks of life.

But more students could be trained

as Christ-like servants with your gift.

100% of full-time AU undergraduate students receive some form of financial aid — and the help they get is possible because of your generous support.

“I am paying for college all out of pocket with no help except any scholarships or grants I receive. If it wasn’t for my financial aid I wouldn’t have been able to attend Anderson University. To be able to thank all of the donors who provide gifts for student aid or for other programs on campus in just a couple sentences would be impossible. You are the reason many of us students are able to go to the university of our choice. I don’t even know if AU would be here without you: the donors.”

Samuel O'Brien

Class of 2020

Your gift today helps build quality programs that enable every AU student to become stronger in body, mind, and spirit. Thanks to your generosity, more students can experience what it means to love God and neighbor, and to adopt Christ-like servanthood throughout their lives.

Thank you for your gift today — and for helping pave the way for more AU students to be transformed into Christ-like leaders in their fields!