Undergraduate Tuition & Fees

Estimate your cost of attendance.

Earning a degree at AU is an investment of both time and money. We do our best to manage costs to keep your return on investment high.

Thanks to our generous donors and endowment, in conjunction with federal and state aid programs, we can offer students multiple options for offsetting the cost of a private school education. Our knowledgeable and experienced counselors will partner with you to ensure you receive the financial information you need to help make your college financing decisions.

Tuition and Fees

To help you get to the bottom line of starting your future.

To assist you in your financial planning, we’ve listed below the basic undergraduate tuition and fees for the 2020-2021 academic year at Anderson University. The full-time tuition rate covers 12-18 credit hours each semester. (Some expenses may vary.)

After viewing this snapshot of tution and fees, scoll down further to consider which plans might best fit your needs.

Academic Rates, 2020-2021 Semester Year
Tuition (full-time student) $15,735 $31,470
Room (standard dorm room) $3,150 $6,300
Food Service (Raven Value meal plan) $2,270 $4,540
Fees $315 $630
Total: $21,470 $42,940


Choose what works best for your family.

For purposes of determining your financial need, we are also allowed to include expenses in your “basic college budget,” such as books and meals plans. These are not charges, just money you’ll likely spend.

Tuition Rates, 2020-21
1-11 credit hour(s) $1,312 per credit hour
12-18 credit hours $15,735 per semester
Summer term (2020) $400 per credit hour
Room Rates, 2020-21
Standard Residence Halls $3,150
Myers Hall Suites (restrictions apply) $3,650
Fair Commons (restrictions apply) $4,150
Meal Plan Costs, 2020-21
Raven Unlimited $2,550
Raven Value $2,270
Raven On-the-Go (Juniors & Seniors Only) $1,250
Raven Dollars $50 minimum
Miscellaneous Fees & Estimated Expenses, 2020-21
Student Services Fee $315 per semester
First Year Experience Fee $130 first year
Parking Permit $60 per year
Books * $600 per semester
Travel * $500 per semester
Personal Expenses * $900 per semester

*Estimated expenses; not fixed charges, and will vary by student.

As a private, Christian university, we don’t receive direct state or federal subsidies. However, there are many financial aid opportunities you might be eligible for — so don’t let costs stop you from applying today.

Real Life: Lived Together is all about living out the realities of life together as a family. And as a family, we’ll walk next to you all the way. Welcome to the beginning of your tomorrow!

Semester Withdraw Refund Schedule

Date of Withdraw Refund %
Prior to January 13 100%
January 13 – January 19 90%
January 20 – January 26 80%
January 27 – February 2 60%
February 3 – February 9 40%
February 10 – February 16 20%
After February 16 0%