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Worship Arts

Interdisciplinary Program

The worship arts major at Anderson University recognizes the variety of skills needed to lead and participate in modern worship. This program prepares students with training in music, acting, dance, audio, video, and biblical training to enable their calling.

Program Overview

Worship Arts

Students at Anderson University have opportunities to participate in Chapel, both at campus-wide gatherings that take place twice per week, and in departmental offerings. They can take the training they are receiving in our School of Theology and Christian Ministry, the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance, and the School of Humanities and translate it action while they are still students. An internship is also a required component of this program.



  • Art, Faith, & Culture
  • Live Sound Production
  • Visual Communication
  • Sacred Music
  • Faith & Worship



Worship arts offers the framework needed for those who are called to ministry through music and performance. It also prepares those who plan to continue along a path to ordination to approach worship in a broad sense. It cornerstones well into the music industry as a whole, and may serve as a starting point for graduate study in music therapy. The interdisciplinary nature of the degree also prepares students to be music critics. In addition to continuing on to graduate school, below are some of the positions our graduates hold:

  • Worship Pastors
  • Liturgy Pastors
  • Music Critics
  • Overseas Missionaries
  • Choir Directors

OUR worship arts FACULTY

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