The Anderson University social work program prepares students for professional social-service positions.


Whether students are interested in working with children or adults, mental health concerns or family services, faith-based organizations or public agencies, or any other social concerns, they graduate with the foundational knowledge, skills, and values to pursue their calling. Our program is accredited by the Council of Social Work Education (CSWE).

The mission of AU’s social work program is to prepare competent, compassionate, and effective entry-level social workers who are ready for professional generalist practice, are committed to justice for those in need (based on Isaiah 1:17), and are equipped to be servant leaders in the real world.

EXPLORE Social Work

When students are compelled by faith and personal values to pursue a career in helping others, it’s important to find a program that integrates their motivation with the practical knowledge and skills required for effective social work practice.

Anderson University social work graduates often comment on the value of receiving supportive modeling and mentoring from professors, who not only have academic preparation and extensive social work practice, but also a Christian perspective and commitment to helping students reach their potential. Pursuing knowledge beyond the textbook is important, and in the AU social work program, opportunities abound. Field trips, both locally and to inner-city Chicago, expand students’ knowledge of social problems, as well as strategies for alleviating them. The social work program ends with a capstone trip focused on learning, service, and reflection.

Students are exposed to a minimum of four populations in need through three mini-internships and one full-semester practicum. Many social work students further their knowledge and skills by providing leadership in AU’s Campus Ministries programs, such as Advocacy and Awareness or Prison Ministry. Some find part-time employment with community social-service agencies. Senior social work students plan and present the annual AU Social Work Conference for local service providers. The agencies that host (and often hire) AU social work students describe them as mature, well-prepared, strongly committed to service, and consistently measuring above other college students they have supervised.


Social Work Degree Options


Complete the 64-hour major in the Department of Sociology, Social Work, Criminal Justice, & Family Science.


The social work minor provides students majoring in other areas to have a secondary focus on social services. This minor helps students develop knowledge and skills for working collaboratively with professional social workers as well as diverse and/or at-risk populations.



  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Personal & Community Health
  • General Psychology
  • Social Welfare Policy
  • Social Work Practice with Families & Groups

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  • Caseworker/Case Manager
  • Probation/Parole Officer
  • Veterans Services
  • Victim Advocate
  • Youth Services Worker


Students have the opportunity to be a part of Phi Alpha Theta XI, a Social Work Honorary Society. Students are exposed to at least four different populations in need through internships and practicum.


External Scholarships

Various social work professional organizations work to assist undergrad and graduate students in funding their social work education.

Check out The Social Work Guide, which offers a broad range of scholarship opportunities.


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