Parents & Families

Undoubtedly, your student has hopes and dreams as they navigate their college journey. But let’s be honest, parents have their own hopes and dreams for their student as well. Maybe it’s that they will be challenged academically to be set up for future success. Perhaps you hope they meet lifelong friends. Or maybe you want them to discover exactly what God has in store for them through a faith-based environment.

All of these things and more are possible at Anderson University! If you boil it all down, we have two main priorities at Anderson University: prepare your student for a real-life career in today’s fast-paced, global marketplace, and prepare your student for a lifetime of spiritual and personal development.

At AU, we’re committed to continuing the formative work you’ve instilled in your child.

Rodney the Raven
“Anderson is a place where our daughter has been embraced, nurtured, taught, and challenged. We were nervous about the cost, but the financial aid has been generous, and God has provided every year.”
Susanna Crain


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Real community.