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The Peace and Conflict Transformation (PACT) program at Anderson University is devoted to the cultivation of peacemaking and the transformation of conflict on four overlapping levels: Peace with God, Peace with Self, Peace with Neighbor, and Peace with the Other. The PACT program seeks to foster this on our campus, our local region and contexts, and the global community.

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The 18-hour minor is available to all students. The PACT minor is not limited to one department, but is designed as an interdisciplinary engagement with the broad array of issues involved in peace and conflict transformation.

  • Support research projects related to peace and conflict transformation.
  • PACT 2100, Introduction to Peace & Conflict Transformation, is offered fall semester, and PACT 2200, Peacemakers Past & Present, is offered spring semester.
  • Introduction to Peace & Conflict Transformation
  • Peacemakers Past & Present
  • Peace, Conflict, & Religion
  • Principles & Practices of Conflict Transformation
  • 1 hour cross-cultural, service-learning, or internship experience
  • 9 hours from any of the following courses: ARTH 3410; BIBL 3260; CMIN 3240; COMM 3110; CRIM 3010; ECON 2010; HIST 3190; INED 2410; PHIL 3210; POSC 3300, 3310; PSYC 2100; RLGN 3120, 3320; SOCI 2010, 2020, 3400

View the Anderson University undergrad catalog for course descriptions.

Pact Grants

Students, faculty, and staff at Anderson University can submit an application for funding for a special peace initiatives, projects, and more that connect to one of the PACT program’s four focus areas. These four focus areas are cultivating peace with God, self, neighbor, and the other on a local, national, or global scale. Link to Funding Application

Some examples of projects that have received a PACT grant are:

  • Reimbursement for a faculty member’s international travel to speak at a conference about research related to peacemaking.
  • The purchase of apartment furnishings for an international seminary student.
  • Event hosting for an art/activism gallery.
  • Providing materials for a service project promoting literacy in community schools.

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Past speakers include:

  • Shane Clayborne
  • Zach Szmara
  • Gena Thomas
  • Ashley Nora
  • Rev. Tatum Osbourne
  • Pastor Jonathan Tremaine Thomas
  • Jesse Nichol


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Jason Varner, Program Director

Nate Urban, Grad Assistant Director

Abigail Goldman, Director of Student Peace Initiative

Randy Gooder – Faculty

Andrew Gale – Adjunct Faculty Member

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In 1998, Church of God missionaries Maurice and Dondeena Caldwell established an endowment to fund the work of PACT. Since then, a number of generous donors have contributed to the endowment, enabling the PACT program to increase its scope and impact.

In addition to hosting an annual lecture series, advocacy events, and supporting an academic minor, PACT also promotes peacemaking and conflict transformation through the awarding of grants to members of the AU community.

A committee comprised of faculty, staff, and students–the PACT Stewards–manages disbursement from the Caldwell Peacemaking Fund.

“I was given support by PACT to go to the Clinton Global Initiative in San Diego after my proposal for a Youth Empowerment Project in Jamaica was accepted. The project is geared toward youth in rural areas that lack the opportunities needed to realize their purpose.”

Latoya Francis

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