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Sport Marketing

The sport marketing major at Anderson University focuses both on the promotion of sports events and teams as well as the promotion of other products and services through sporting events and sports teams.

Currently, the marketing industry is on track to grow slightly faster than the average for all professions. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects around a 13% growth for marketing manager positions in the next decade; however, sport marketing is special because the sports marketing industry has such low turnover. The best way to ensure entry into the industry is to gain a specialized degree in sports marketing, rather than a general degree in marketing.

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Professional Testimonials

There’s no question that AU provided an authentic learning experience that prepared me for the real world experiences that I’m blessed to be enjoying today. One of the most relevant to my current position as a digital marketing strategist/consultant for NCAA bowl games was the hands-on education that I received through Professor Anna Stumpf’s sport marketing class my senior year. The opportunity to learn and execute a sport marketing event didn’t just give me confidence and awareness, it allowed me to have a crucial piece of experience on my résumé that every employer in the sports world wants to see. Gaining real-world experience through a hands-on sport marketing class opened up an enormous amount of opportunity for me in the sports marketing world.

Rick Raison BA ’14, Digital Marketing Strategist/Consultant for NCAA Bowl Games


Young sports executives and interns are the lifeblood of any sports organization. The need and demand for highly qualified, trained and skilled applicants to the sports industry continues to grow and AU’s entry into this space will only deepen the talent pool for our organization and others in Central Indiana, the Midwest and across the country.

Randy Lewandowski BA ’93, General Manager of Indianapolis Indians

As an AU alum who works in the sports industry, I am very excited to hear about the addition of the sport marketing degree. I know how crucial it is for potential candidates to not only have the knowledge of our industry when applying for roles but experience is just as crucial. The sports business world is unique in many ways, but it is still a business, a big business! There are many different roles in our industry from sales and marketing to finance and business analytics. Everyone wants to get their “foot in the door” but without knowledge of the industry, it is extremely hard to get in. Once you are “in” the industry, it is on the individual to make the most of that experience.

Ryan Bertschman BA ’03, Director of Sales and Service at Miami Marlins, L.P.

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Why AU?

What makes AU’s Sport Marketing program unique?

  • We combine marketing, business, and sport management classes to give you a well-rounded academic experience. While many universities offer sport marketing in kinesiology, AU intentionally offers the major within the Falls School of Business for students to have a competitive edge on a core of best business practices.
  • We focus on hands-on projects and experiences that translate into employable skills. Two of our required classes (sales and sponsorships and business of the gameday) will end in results that will be featured on the student’s resumes and are designed to help the student obtain better internships and expand career options.
  • Our athletic program works with us to provide a lab for sport marketing students to practice what they are learning in the classroom.
  • We have an advisory council of sport marketing professionals including sports agents, multiple professional teams, communications, marketing, sponsorship, and other sport professionals who have committed to supporting our students.
Program Options

How can I get involved in the Sport Marketing program?

  • Graduate with a BA in Sport Marketing in 3 years
  • Graduate with a BA in Sport Marketing in 4 years
  • Complete the 4 + 1 program, from BA to MBA

What courses will I take?

  • marketing management
  • sport marketing
  • business of game day experience
  • sport sponsorship and sales
  • business core classes including accounting, economics, finance, statistics, marketing, and management

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What kind of jobs can I anticipate after graduation?

  • Sports Administrator
  • Sports Marketing Account Executive for firms or for teams
  • Sponsorship Sales
  • Sport Event Management
  • Merchandising and Licensing
  • Athletic Director

What sort of experiences will I have?

  • Experiential learning/field trips to teams and facilities.
  • Guest speakers from the sport marketing industry (local and distant).
  • Actual sponsorship sales experience.
  • Actual gameday event planning and execution including promotion and sharing results with the clients.