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Music Business

The music business major at Anderson University is about more than shows and record deals. We offer two venues for preparing for a career in this diverse industry.

  • The Entertainment Business concentration is hosted by the Falls School of Business. It focuses on branding, budgeting, and promotion. 
  • The Commercial Music concentration is hosted by the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance. It focuses on the recording, production, and promotion of music.

Both begin with a shared core of classes that help students discover their passions and give a solid footing in legal aspects of the music business as well as marketing and artist development.

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The professors at AU created an atmosphere where we could make mistakes and it would be okay. We learned together. I think back often to those times and know that it was in that season where I was prepared for the daily challenges I face. It’s because of the relationships that God ordained in my life that I was able to work on award-winning projects, including a Dove Award, a Grammy Award, and an Emmy Award. I’m very blessed to do what I love and now I get to teach students what was taught to me!

Daniel Howell BA ’09

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Program Options

How can I get involved in the Music Business program?

Music Business Major

You can participate in the program in a variety of ways:

  • Graduate with a BA in Music Business in 3 years
  • Graduate with a BA in Music Business in 4 years
  • Complete the 4 + 1 program, from BA to MBA

Minor in Entertainment & Music Business

For majors in the Falls School of Business, 15 hours from:

  • Introduction to the Music Business – BSNS 2030
  • Introduction to Music Publishing – BSNS 2040
  • Beyond Talent and Entrepreneurship – BSNS 3360
  • Marketing Research – BSNS 4110
  • Marketing Management – BSNS 4330

For marketing majors, 15 hours from:

  • Introduction to the Music Business – BSNS 2030
  • Introduction to Music Publishing – BSNS 2040
  • Beyond Talent and Entrepreneurship – BSNS 3360
  • Two additional BSNS marketing courses

For majors outside Falls School of Business, 18 hours from:

  • Principles of Marketing – BSNS 2810
  • Introduction to the Music Business – BSNS 2030
  • Introduction to Music Publishing – BSNS 2040
  • Beyond Talent and Entrepreneurship – BSNS 3360
  • Two additional courses from the Business Core, 6 hours from
    • Principles of Accounting I – ACCT 2010
    • Principles of Accounting II – ACCT 2020
    • Business as a Profession – BSNS 1050
    • Principles of Management – BSNS 2710
    • Business Law – BSNS 3420
    • Principles of Macroeconomics – ECON 2010
    • Principles of Microeconomics – ECON 2020

Orangehaus Music Business Camp

Learn more about AU’s Orangehaus Music Business Camp where high school students can grow their skills and learn new aspects of the business with the option of earning college credit.


What classes will I take?

Among the classes in each 53-hour major are:

  • record label music seminar
  • music marketing
  • recording techniques
  • project management
  • entrepreneurship

View the complete curriculum for the Entertainment Business concentration.

View the complete curriculum for the Commercial Music concentration



What kind of jobs can I anticipate after graduation?

Graduates with music business skills may find their place in a variety of careers. Some perform professionally or record other artists. Music business majors may work as consultants or contractors or in record company leadership. There is also lots of work to be found in music merchandising and distribution of products. Still, others will find their niche in concert or artist promotion or go on to law school and work as an entertainment attorney.


Every music business major, regardless of concentration, participates in a music business internship. Students in the entertainment business concentration, gain experience in their coursework with branding, social media, and finance.

Additional Application Steps for Commercial Music

Application Steps

  1. Complete an Application for Admission with the Office of Admissions.
    All music majors must be accepted by Anderson University.
  2. Complete the Commercial Music or Songwriting Application.
  3. Complete your interview with the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance faculty.
  4. Complete the Freshman Music Theory Placement Exam
    The exam covers music fundamentals and is designed to evaluate your preparedness for Music Theory I at Anderson University. It is scored by the music theorist on the faculty at AU. Students may be required or recommended to attend Music Theory Camp the week before freshman move-in and may also be asked to take an online music fundamentals course as a requirement for enrollment in Music Theory I.

Once you complete your Commercial Music or Songwriting Application, your place on your selected interview date will be reserved, and a staff member will send an interview time to you approximately one week prior to your date. The Freshman Music Theory Placement Exam will also be proctored on your interview date or with the special arrangements you make with Michelle Holmes.

If you would like to be considered for a music scholarship, you must audition for members of the faculty by March 6. If you would like to audition for scholarship consideration, please complete an audition application.