Music Business

Why Choose Music Business in the AU School of Music, Theatre, and Dance?

Our 53-hour music business major is designed for musicians who want to find their place in one of the many facets. Students take a core of music classes, then specialize in one of the following areas:

  • Audio Forensics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Record Production
  • Songwriting

Through Orangehaus Records and Orangehaus Publishing, students gain practical experience in the business of music, from developing projects to running the recording studio. Students network with industry professionals throughout the program, especially in their senior-level internship.

Program Overview

Music Business


Program Options

Music Business Major (53 hours)
  • Core Courses (38 hours)
    • MUSC 1010, 1020, 1030, 1040, 2210
    • MUBS 2010, 2020, 3470
    • 4 hours of MUBS 4900
    • MUPF 1050, 1060
    • 4 hours of applied music lessons
    • 4 hours of ensembles
    • BSNS 3320, 3330

Select one of the following tracks (15 hours):

  • Entrepreneurship Track
    • MUBS 2450, 3100, 3380, 3450, 3470
    • 2 hours of MUBS 4800
    • 2 hours of MUBS electives
    • BSNS 4400
  • Audio Forensics Track
    • CRIM 2520
    • MUBS 3210, 3550, 4850, 4870
  • Record Production Track
    • MUBS 3210, 3220, 3370, 3450, 3470
    • 2 hours of MUBS 4800
    • 2 hours of MUSC 4950
  •  Songwriting Track
    • MUBS 2070, 2450, 3100, 3450, 3470, 4500
    • 6 hours of MUPF 2900 or 4900

An English minor or writing minor is recommended for students in the songwriting track.

Orangehaus Music Business Camp

Learn more about AU’s Orangehaus Music Business Camp for high school students that offers experiential training in songwriting, producing, and performing.



  • Audio Forensics: Students acquire, analyze, and evaluate sound recordings that may be presented as admissible evidence in a court of law or some other official venue.
  • Entrepreneurship: Students explore the music industry to learn skills for starting and marketing their own music business.
  • Record Production: Students explore techniques in sound production, processing, reproduction, and how to set up their own home studio.
  • Songwriting: Students learn songwriting skills that lead to the development and marketing of a portfolio of original songs.

Additional Application Steps

Application Steps
  1. Complete an Application for Admission with the Office of Admissions, and be admitted to Anderson University.
  2. Apply to the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance.

For more information about the application process, click here.




Among the classes in each 53-hour major are:

  • Recording Techniques
  • Mixing & Mastering
  • Record Production
  • Concert Booking & Promotion
  • Live Sound Production
  • Audio Enhancement & Authentication


OUR Music Business FACULTY

Let’s connect during your campus visit.

Music Business

Dr. Rebecca Chappell

Dr. Rebecca Chappell

Professor of Music; Director of Music Business Studies

Headshot Coming Soon Rodney Raven

Chad Evans

Music Business

Joshua Powell, an employee at Anderson University in Indiana

Joshua Powell

Songwriting / Concert Touring

Ray Sylvester, a professor at Anderson University in Anderson Indiana

Dr. Ray Sylvester

Professor of Marketing and Personal Branding

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