commuter students

Commuter students

Commuter students are an integral part of the campus community. Seek opportunities to be involved, share your gifts, and be a difference on our campus. We realize you have unique needs, and we will meet them.

A Commuter Student:

  • Lives with a parent or legal guardian
  • Commutes to campus from their permanent address
  • View a list of approved zip codes for commuting.

campus Expectations

Indiana Winters
If you are opting to be a commuter, it is important to understand your responsibilities for getting to your in-person classes during typical Indiana winter weather conditions. The university will offer delays and cancellations for extreme weather conditions, but this is a rare occurrence. You will be responsible for taking extra precautions to get to your in-person classes on time, including some that may seem inconvenient such as shoveling out of your driveway or de-icing your car.

Campus mailbox & Email
Every off-campus student has a campus mailbox and an email account. You are expected to check both of these on a regular basis. They are the two main sources of campus communication.

Current Address Information
All students are required each year to complete a housing application. You can do this by logging onto the housing website.

Lifestyle Expectations
Students are expected to abide by all lifestyle expectations of Anderson University. Failure to do so could result in disciplinary action as outlined in the Judicial Code.

commuter corner

With nearly 40 percent of its student population registering as commuter students, Anderson University has created a new space specifically designed for those students. The Commuter’s Corner is a brand-new space in the Nicholson Library that will give commuter students a home on campus during their down times between classes.

commuter corner
Stacey Carpenter, an employee of Anderson University in Indiana

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