Humanities & Behavioral Science Minors

The School of Humanities and Behavioral Science minors are open to all students. For students whose major is outside the department of their minor, additional courses may be necessary. We have provided the typical coursework below to give you a good idea of what topics you will get the chance to study within each minor.

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Cinema and Media Arts

18-hour Minor

  • Media & Society (3 hours)
  • The Communication Professional (1 hour)
  • Audio Concepts & Production (3 hours)
  • Video/Cinema Concepts (2 hours)
  • Visual Communication (3 hours)
  • Television Studio Production (4 hours) or Field, Soundstage, & Postproduction (4 hours)
  • WQME/Covenant Productions® Staff (2 hours)
Criminal Justice

17-hour Minor

The criminal justice minor provides applied expertise through coursework in this area.


15-hour Minor

The English minor requires the student to take at least one course from each of the following groups: world literature, British literature, American literature, and upper-division (3000-level) writing courses.

Event Planning and Management

15-16 Hour Minor

  • Communicating Through Social Media
  • Event Planning and Management
  • Executing Effective Events
  • Practicum in Event Management
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Public Relations Foundations
Family Science

18-hour Minor

The family science minor provides a foundation in family science.


18-hour Minor

The French minor requires students to take 18 hours of French courses beyond the Elementary French level. This minor will require a minimum of 10 hours of off-campus coursework, possibly earned in a study abroad program.


15-hour Minor

The history minor requires at least 8 hours from advanced history courses, which may include courses such as Historical Inquiry, Development of American Thought, Renaissance & Reformation, Women in the World, Middle East, A World of Religions, Issues in Social Studies, History of Christianity, and more.


18-hour Minor

  • Media & Society (3 hours)
  • The Communication Professional (1 hour)
  • Writing for the Media (3 hours)
  • Advanced Newswriting and Reporting (3 hours)
  • Advanced Feature & Magazine Writing (3 hours)
  • Andersonian Staff (2 hours)
  • Communication Ethics (3 hours) or Communication Law (3 hours)
Legal Studies

15-hour Minor

The Legal Studies minor requires 15 hours and is excellent preparation for law school. It is designed in accordance with the American Bar Association’s Statement on Prelaw Preparation to help you develop the knowledge, skills, values, and experiences you need to succeed in law school and beyond.

  • Foundational Course: Introduction to Legal Studies (3 hours)
  • Writing Skills: Advanced Composition: Argumentation (3 hours)
  • Legal Thinking
    Choose one of the following courses:
    • Business Law (3 hours)
    • Law for Entrepreneurs (3 hours)
    • Communication Law (3 hours)
    • Criminal Law & Process (3 hours)
    • Constitutional Law (3 hours)
  • Ethics
    Choose one of the following courses:
    • New Testament Ethics (3 hours)
    • History of Political Thought (3 hours)
    • Ethics (3 hours)
    • Introduction to Christian Ethics (3 hours)
    • Current Issues in Christian Ethics (3 hours)
  • Capstone Experience
    • Legal Internship (3 hours)
Peace and Conflict Transformation

18-hour Minor

Available to all students as a complement to any major. The Peace and Conflict Transformation (PACT) minor is not limited to one department, but is designed as an interdisciplinary engagement with the broad array of issues involved in peace and conflict transformation.

Political Science

15-hour Minor

The political science minor requires 15 hours and is an excellent complement to majors such as business, computer science, foreign language, global studies, history, psychology, public relations, and sociology.


Minors are expected to complete successfully the foundational classes before attempting upper-division coursework.

  • Foundational Courses
    • Introduction to Politics (3 hours)
    • American National Government (3 hours)
  • Electives: Remaining hours from additional POSC courses, with at least 6 hours from upper-division courses (3000-level or above). No more than 3 credit hours from POSC 2810, 2840, 4800, and 4810 may be applied toward the minor. POSC 4700 does not apply toward the minor.

View the Undergraduate Catalog for full course descriptions.


16-hour Minor

The psychology minor requires General Psychology, and at least 6 hours from upper-division psychology courses. Students have the opportunity to be a part of Psi Chi, the National Honor Society for psychology.

Public Relations

18 Hour Minor

  • The Communication Professional
  • Event Planning and Management
  • Public Relations Foundations
  • Public Relations Research
  • Media and Society
  • Writing for the Media

Remaining hours from:

  • Communicating Through Social Media
  • Global Communication
  • Public Relations Campaigns
  • Public Relations Writing
Social Work

18-hour Minor

The social work minor provides students majoring in other areas to have a secondary focus on social services. This minor helps students develop the knowledge and skills for working collaboratively with professional social workers, as well as diverse and/or at-risk populations.


17-hour Minor

The sociology minor includes a variety of courses, including Introduction to Sociology, Introduction to Social Research, and Social Theory & Practice.


18-hour Minor

The Spanish minor requires students to take 18 hours of Spanish courses beyond the Elementary Spanish level, including Spanish Composition and Spanish Conversation.

Women's Studies

15-hour Minor

Women’s studies at Anderson University focuses on the historical, cultural, sociological, political, and economic roles of women, both in the United States and around the world. Drawing from history, art, sociology, and literature, students learn the impact gender has on women as individuals and within the context of family, faith, community, and citizenship.

Studying about women provides students a chance to see our world from multiple perspectives and encourages active engagement in social justice and issues of equality across the globe. Requiring only 15 credit hours, the women’s studies minor complements any major offered at Anderson University.


15-hour Minor

The writing minor requires at least 12 hours of English-captioned (ENGL) upper-division writing courses. Students may take 3 hours from other captions. Writing for Media (COMM 2130), French Composition (FREN 3240), or Spanish Composition (Span 3010) may also be applied.

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