TEACHING Physical Education

The physical education teaching 3+1 model at Anderson University prepares students to teach physical education in elementary and secondary (P-12) settings.

3+1 Academic Path

At Anderson University, you get to spend three years becoming a content expert, and your final year becoming a teacher. Unique to the physical education teaching program, students spend three years in our sports and recreational leadership curriculum and their final year within our transition to teaching program. 

Start Your 3-Year Sport and Recreational Leadership Major: The program helps students find their niche in sport and recreational leadership, as well as gain experience in sport and recreational  programming, management, and leadership.

Transition to Teaching: Following the 3-year major, this 12-month program offers students learning and practicum experiences that are necessary to meet state requirements for teacher certification. Students graduate as fully licensed teachers upon completion of this program. At AU, your knowledge and experience of sport and recreational leadership will make you stand out.

Explore Teaching Physical Education



3-Year Sport and Recreational Leadership Degree

  • Sports Administration
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Youth & Adult Sports Programming
  • Accounting, Management, & Marketing
  • Conditioning Athletes

Transition to Teaching Program

  • Teaching as a Profession
  • Educational Assessment for the Classroom Teacher
  • Management, Organization, & Methods in the Secondary Classroom
  • Student Teaching

Practical Experience

This course of study includes many opportunities for experiential learning in and out of the classroom. As part of the major, each student also completes a final practicum in an area of sport and recreational leadership about which they are passionate.


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