Christian spiritual formation

School of Theology & Christian Ministry

At Anderson University, the study of Christian spiritual formation allows students from any major outside of ministerial studies to take an organized group of courses that will enable them to critically contemplate the integration of their faith with what they’re learning from other academic disciplines. This complementary major will give students a new understanding of the relationship between Christian spirituality and academic knowledge and how the two intersect, which is the overall goal and outcome for this major. 

The program focuses on the formation of your personal faith journey and prayer life, while strengthening your knowledge and understanding of God’s Word. The program includes the study and exploration of God, his work on earth, and his work within your life. This personal and exploratory approach provides students a platform for growing in their character, growing in their relationship with the Lord, and being transformed in his image as they prepare to step into their calling. 


Program Overview

Christian Spiritual Formation

Christian spiritual formation is offered as a complementary major — one that must be taken in conjunction with another major at Anderson University. Students can pair it with a variety of academic endeavors to earn their degree from AU. Complementary majors are often more in-depth than minors, and this academic option will allow you to explore more than one area of interest at AU.

Christian spiritual formation is a leading area of study for students who want to integrate their christian faith and calling with their profession, whether that is in a traditional ministry setting as a pastor or spiritual director, or in another field like psychology, social work, nursing, education, etc. 



  • To aid students in becoming complete and mature disciples of Jesus Christ.
  • To integrate the Christian faith with academic knowledge in order to produce Christian professionals.
  • To equip students to serve the Church and the world in any chosen profession or vocation.


Among the classes in the program are:

  • Current Issues in Christian Ethics
  • Faith & Fantasy
  • History of Christianity
  • Spiritual Formation Through Work, Calling, & Holiness
  • Spiritual Practice of Writing

Career Pathways

  • Pastor
  • Teacher
  • Spiritual Director
  • Counselor
  • Non-profit leader


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