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 A journey we walk together

Do you want to find community and belonging during your college career? We want this for you, too. What better way to get involved and build lifelong friendships on campus than to live in an AU residence hall or on-campus apartment? This is an exciting, once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience that college life alongside your best friends, and to learn more about yourself and others.

At Anderson University, we’re intentional about fostering inclusive, creative ways to enrich student learning and growth, where Ravens feel both welcome and known. No matter what hall you call home, you’ll find ongoing opportunities to meet people and discover AU’s rich, active community. Whether through life groups, Bible studies, courtyard wars, concerts and grilling on the lawn, the coffee house, mic nights, hall dinners, or AU Olympics, the residence halls are where real-life college memories are made.

You’re invited to read up on AU’s Student Life policies to help aid in a positive Residence Life experience, including respect, growth, fun, and laughter. Check out our residence hall tours below, as well as our numerous campus dining options. Students with food allergies or other health concerns can visit Health Services to learn how AU can accommodate any dietary needs.

Do you have questions about the process? Contact us at or (765) 641-4190.

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New Student Housing

Once accepted to the university, you can apply for on-campus housing. In order to receive your on-campus housing assignment, you’ll first need to:

Reach out to us at if you have any questions about these to-do items. We are here to assist you, and can’t wait for you to discover real life: shared within our inclusive, creative community of Ravens!

Packing List

new student packing list

How to Apply for Housing

New and Returning Students

  1. Go to
  2. Your Login ID is your 7-digit student ID number. (Ex: 2987654)
  3. Your Password is your 8-digit birth date. (Ex: 05131996)
  4. Scroll to “School Year Fall Term (August)”
  5. Select “School Year (Fall) New & Re-Admitted Student Application”
  6. Read carefully and follow the prompts. You’ll be finished when you have reached the “Congratulations…” screen.

Commuter & Off-Campus Students

Follow steps 1-3 (above), then complete the form appropriate for your status: either Commuter (lives with parent) or Off-Campus (does not live with parent).

Our Mission

AU ResLife seeks to contribute to the educational mission of the university by cultivating a Christ-centered, diverse, and transformative community focused on student learning and holistic growth.

AU ResLife Core Values

Along with the institution’s core values, AU ResLife also holds these values in order to accomplish our mission of developing the following:

  • Christ-Centered Community
  • Relationally-Empowered Learning and Growth
  • Diverse Perspectives
  • Responsible Stewardship
  • Authentic Leadership
AU ResLife Vision

AU ResLife strives to foster an inclusive community that enriches student learning and growth. AU ResLife seeks to be a place where:

  • All students feel welcome and known as valued members of the community.
  • Students can make meaning out of their faith and college experience.
  • Student buy into the learning and growth process and view it as a valuable asset to the AU campus community.
  • Our campus community is known as a leader within Christian higher education by creating practices that integrate theory and research into the everyday life of college students.