Financial Aid AND Scholarships

In real life, affordability matters. 

Getting a quality education to prepare you for who you’ll become has a financial cost — but you’ll be surprised at how far your budget can go. Because of the generous supporters of Anderson University, there are numerous options available for you. Explore various resources outlined below to help shoulder the burden of tuition and other school-related fees.

Thinking big picture and looking to your future: AU grads enjoy a high placement rate at 97.5% overall. In fact, 100% of our 2017 teacher education candidates passed their Indiana licensing exams as did our nursing graduates!

An AU degree is an investment that will help you get to work and earning more, faster.


Apply today to begin exploring your financial options and investing in your future at AU!


Come from the federal government, your state government, your college, or a private or nonprofit organization.

Student Employment

Allow students to work part-time during the academic year. Wages can be used to pay for college expenses.

Tuition Waiver Scholarship

Eligible to students with one or more parents employed at a participating institution.


Eligible to students based on academic achievement, program of interest, service, leadership, diversity, and more.


Available to help meet expenses, and must be repaid after college.

Veteran Benefits

Veterans (or eligible dependents) may follow a series of steps to apply for their VA educational benefits.


To help you understand, estimate, and apply for available aid.


We’re dedicated to your success at AU.



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