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You’ll be amazed at how affordable an AU education is.

Office of Financial Aid AND Scholarships

Getting a quality education to prepare you for who you’ll become comes with a financial cost — but you’ll be surprised at how far your budget can go. Because of the generous supporters of Anderson University, there are numerous options available for you to explore to help shoulder the burden of tuition and other school-related fees.

But think beyond the cost to the future: AU grads enjoy a high placement rate at 97.5% overall. In fact, 100% of our 2017 teacher education candidates passed their Indiana licensing exams as did our nursing graduates!

An AU degree is an investment that will help you get to work and earning more, faster.


You’ll be amazed at how affordable an AU education can be as you find out all the financial aid options available to you. Apply today to begin exploring your financial options and investing in your future at AU!

Explore the ways Anderson University can help you pay for your education.

Find scholarships and use our scholarship calculator to see how they’ll impact you.

Questions about the FAFSA? We’re here to help with next steps and more!

I am a business major with a focus in marketing, and I feel fortunate to be a part of the Falls School of Business. I am paying for college all out of pocket with no help except any scholarships or grants I receive. If it wasn’t for my financial aid I wouldn’t have been able to attend Anderson University. To be able to thank all of the donors who provide gifts for student aid or for other programs on campus in just a couple sentences would be impossible. Donors are the reason many of us students are able to go to the university of our choice.

Samuel O’Brien, Class of 2020

Tuition and Fees

To help you get to the bottom line of starting your future.

To assist you in your financial planning, we’ve listed below the basic undergraduate tuition and fees for the 2019-2020 academic year at Anderson University. The full-time tuition rate covers 12-18 credit hours each semester. (Some expenses may vary.)

View Graduate Tuition and Fees

Academic Rates Semester Year
Tuition $15,350 $30,700
Room $3,120 $6,240
Food Service $2,270 $4,540
Fees $250 $500
Total: $20,620 $41,240

For purposes of determining your financial need, we are also allowed to include the following items as expenses in your “basic college budget.” These are not charges, just money you’ll likely spend.

  Semester Year
Books $600 $1,200
Travel $500 $1,000
Personal Expenses $900 $1,800


As a private, Christian university, we don’t receive direct state or federal subsidies. However, there are many financial aid opportunities you might be eligible for — so don’t let costs stop you from applying today.

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