Campus Reopening Suggestions

Anderson University plans to be face to face in the fall and our return to campus is focused on the safety of our students, faculty, and staff. Should you have suggestions or ideas for us to consider, please send them via this form.



Q: Are classes canceled?
A: Classes have moved online for the spring 2020 semester. 

Q: Will AU move to a pass/fail option for Spring 2020?
A: Yes. Faculty reviewed the student petition for a pass/fail option for Spring 2020 and voted this week to approve a temporary grading policy that will allow undergraduate students to opt for CR/NC (credit/no credit). For any eligible course with a letter “D” grade or better, undergraduate students will have until May 29, 2020, to opt to have that grade recorded as “CR.” A letter grade of “F” would be recorded as “NC” and would not impact the cumulative grade point average. Note that courses that lead to licensure will not be eligible for the CR/NC option (e.g. nursing and education courses). Students are encouraged to reach out to their academic advisor if they have questions.

Q: How do I opt to receive a grade of CR/NC?
A: Your professor will submit normal letter grades for final grades. After these grades are posted on May 19, you will be given access to a page that will display your earned grades for this term and will be allowed to choose for each course, with some exceptions, whether to choose the CR/NC option.  You will have access to this page between May 20 – 29.

Q: When is the last date to withdraw with a “W?”
A: To accommodate unforeseen difficulties due to COVID-19, it is changed to May 1.

Q: Where are the course evaluations for my class?
A: All course evaluations for Spring 2020 are suspended. 

Q: What happens if I’m unable to complete my internship because of COVID-19?
A: We are currently using a case-by-case approach by following the guidelines set by the internship’s professional organizations.

Q: Will I be exempt from chapel during e-learning?
A: Chapel requirements for the semester have been waived. Virtual chapels are available on Facebook Live every Tuesday and Thursday at 11 am on Anderson University’s Facebook page. Join together with faculty, staff, students, and alums (including Jon McLaughlin and Alanna Story) for live worship and continued encouragement for your spiritual growth.

Q: What if I no longer need my summer school class? I usually have a week between when final grades are released and summer sessions begin to decide. 
A: The last date to drop a summer school course without a penalty has been extended until May 20th. As long students drop their summer registration on or before May 20th, they will receive a 100 percent refund. This change only impacts those students enrolled in classes that start on May 18th.

Housing & Finance

Q: What should I do if I am homeless or unable to safely go home?
A:  For extreme and unique circumstances, you may apply for a waiver to remain on campus. You are permitted to stay until you have heard back about approval or denial.

Q: How do I move out of my dorm? Turn in my library books? Check my mailbox? 
A: March 19th, authorities in Madison County, in partnership with the Madison County Health Department, declared a Travel Watch, meaning that “conditions are threatening to the safety of the public.” Non-essential travel is restricted.In cooperation with this declaration, we will not grant access for students to pick up their belongings at this time. Please do not return to campus as building will be locked down as a public health precaution.For all campus housing questions, click here. The “shelter in place order” issued by Governor Holcomb is still in effect and urges us to practice social distancing for the health and safety of all those around us. A plan has been developed for students to retrieve their belongings from residence halls as soon as it is safe to do so. When state and county health officials determine that it is safe to return to campus, students will be notified about the planned details for gathering belongings. Please email Maggie Platt, Director of Residence Life, with your other questions (

Q: Will I receive credit for my unused room and board?
A: A 25% credit for room and meal plan charges for this spring 2020 semester will be applied to student accounts for those eligible who left campus due to COVID-19 after March 23, 2020. You should see credits applied to your account by next week. This may decrease your account balance or generate a REFUND. An email will be sent to your AU account outlining the details later today.

Q: Is there an extension for final spring payments? 
A: Yes – The final payment due date for the spring semester will be extended from May 5 to May 29, 2020. Also, we are not charging any late fees at this time.

Q: How do I move out of my residence hall or apartment?
A: We understand that not all students can get back to campus for various reasons. You may be an international student or live several states away. Maybe the dates and times we offer are impossible for you due to work or family obligations. Or perhaps you would feel more comfortable coming to campus when others are not moving. Whatever it may be, we want to do whatever we can to help. Please click here to tell us about your circumstances. Please note that if we need to schedule a unique time for you, it may be several weeks before we can accommodate your scheduling needs. The quickest way to pick up your belongings will be to use one of the available slots listed on the sign up forms (below). Please choose the link below to sign up for your building or to tell us your special circumstances:


Special Events

Q: What is the policy for athletes?
A: All athletic events are canceled for the semester. We have every intention that our fall and winter sports will continue with competition as currently scheduled. We are aware given the current COVID-19 crisis that the NCAA, the HCAC, and its member institutions will have to regularly assess the situation over the course of the summer. Our athletes add incredibly to the AU experience, in their sport, the classroom, and as part of the campus community. We can’t wait for the opportunity to cheer them on again!

Q: What will happen to summer camps, conferences and other events on campus?
A: As information about COVID-19 evolves quickly, the safety of our faculty, staff, students, and campus guests continue to guide our evaluations. On April 17th,, the difficult decision was made to cancel all camps, conferences, and events on the campus of Anderson University through June 30. We will reevaluate July events by May 1. Although it saddens me to give you this news, we must follow our guiding principles in helping to care for those around us and responsibly provide a safe environment for those that are on our campus.

Q: Will there be commencement?
A: After reviewing responses from a student survey, we are exploring a Homecoming celebration for the class of 2020. We had a virtual planning meeting April 24th to discuss Commencement for those grads from Dec., ’19, May, ’20 and Aug., ’20.  More info will be coming out from the Registrar’s office in the coming weeks, but we’re getting excited!

About Coronavirus

For information about the virus and how to protect yourself, see the CDC’s Q&A page and the Indiana State Department of Health. 

Q: Is there a place on campus students can be tested?
A: No, if you have symptoms, call the Community Hospital hotline at 317-621-5500. The hotline is staffed by nurse practitioners 

Q: What symptoms does the Coronavirus cause?
A: Symptoms of fever, shortness of breath, and coughing range from mild to severe/death and appear 2-14 days after exposure. If you have symptoms, call the community hospital hotline at 317-621-5500.

What is COVID-19?

According to the World Health Organization, “Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses which may cause illness in animals or humans.  In humans, several coronaviruses are known to cause respiratory infections ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). The most recently discovered coronavirus causes coronavirus disease COVID-19. COVID-19 is the infectious disease caused by the most recently discovered coronavirus. This new virus and disease were unknown before the outbreak began in Wuhan, China, in December 2019.”

Know The Symptoms

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of Breath

Seek medical attention if you develop symptoms and have been in close contact with a person known to have COVID-19 or if you live/have recently been in an area with an ongoing spread of COVID-19.

If you are in contact with a student (or faculty/staff) who is complaining of fever, cough, or shortness of breath, please advise them to return home and call campus health services (x4222) to determine next steps regarding treatment.  Our nurse practitioners will determine if they should be seen at health services or elsewhere.

Health Precautions

  • Frequently wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, and keep your hands away from your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.
  • Cough and sneeze into a tissue or the crook of your arm and immediately throw the tissue away.
  • Routinely disinfect surfaces of commonly used objects.
  • Stay home from work or school if you are sick. Communicate to others the importance to do the same.

Anderson University’s Response

Anderson University isn’t a place. It’s our people. It’s our students who choose to learn with us. It’s our faculty who dedicate their lives to the most noble pursuit of educating the next generations. It’s our staff who work tirelessly to make sure the campus is the best place to get a college education.

This unprecedented event that we are living through is our chance to live out real life together. It’s all of us working together to do the most good that we can.

We believe that the good we can do extends outside of the classroom. We believe that right now, especially, it has to. We have to care for our community, the one on campus and all of the ones surrounding it.

There have been hard decisions we’ve had to make already, like postponing trips, canceling or rescheduling events, and moving classes temporarily online. These are not decisions we make lightly. We know these events and activities are important to students. They’re important to us, too.

Even more important to us, though, than the day-to-day activities that make up college life is the safety of the people we spend those days with. Because of this, a Task Force has been set up to quickly make decisions to ensure the safety of our community.

All Updates
5/22/2020 2:34 p.m. GPA Requirements

The director of the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships has posted a letter about GPA requirements. You can read the full letter here

5/4/2020 4:57 p.m. Move Out Instructions for Students

The housing team has sent a letter with full move out instructions for students. Read it here.

5/4/2020 7:52 a.m. Making The Adjustment (Final)

Tim States has written another letter to faculty and staff about adjusting to working from home.

5/1/2020 4:18 p.m. Move Out Updates
As you may have already heard, Governor Holcomb announced new guidelines during this afternoon’s press conference. We are reviewing his announcement and making sure our plan is fully compliant. We will be ready to send move-out instructions on Monday afternoon, barring any additional announcements from state and local leaders. Please be sure to check your email.
Here’s what you can expect on Monday:
  • Instructions for how to sign up for a move-out appointment.
  • What to do if you can’t return to campus to pick up your belongings (Don’t worry! We’ll work with you.)
  • A summary of health and safety measures we have put in place to protect you and our housekeeping staff throughout this process
Please hang on to your questions. They may be answered on Monday.
5/1/2020 9:47 a.m. Summer Camps Update

All in person summer camps through July are canceled. Look for further updates regarding music camps that will shift to an online format.

4/20/2020 7:50 a.m. Making the Adjustment Part 2

Read the second letter from Tim States about making the adjustment here.

4/17/2020 8:31 p.m. Letter from President Pistole

President Pistole sent a letter to students with updates and a video, which you can see here.

4/16/2020 6:05 p.m. Summer Camps Update

As information about COVID-19 evolves on a daily basis, the safety of our faculty, staff, students, and campus guests continues to guide our evaluations. A Task Force has been meeting regularly to be able to navigate the many decisions to ensure the safety of our community. Today, the difficult decision was made to cancel all camps, conferences, and events on the campus of Anderson University through June 30. We will reevaluate July events by May 1. We want to give you as much notice as possible so that you can plan for the future.

4/14/2020 11:50 a.m. Continued Counseling Services

Counseling Services is still available to students virtually. Read more here.

4/13/2020 7:51 a.m. Letter from Tim States

Read his letter to faculty and staff here.

4/8/2020 4:48 p.m. Enrollment Deposit Extension

Due to ongoing concerns and the changing environment surrounding COVID-19, Anderson University is extending the deadline to confirm your intent to enroll and pay your enrollment deposit from May 1, 2020 to June 1, 2020.

3/30/2020 1:01 p.m. Mail Center Updates

See here for mail center hours and procedures for the remainder of the semester.

3/30/2020 12:21 p.m. Chapel Attendance Requirement

Dean of Students Chris Luekenga wrote to the students concerning Spring 2019-2020 chapel requirements. Read the letter here.

3/27/2020 10:00 a.m. Update from the President

President Pistole sent out an update to students regarding common questions and concerns. Read the full letter here.

3/26/2020 9:00 a.m. On Campus Student Update

Any students who have remained on campus and begin experience symptoms should fill out the Self Report Form and wait for contact from Sarah Neal.

3/20/2020 4:40 p.m. Campus Housing Update

Due to travel restrictions in Madison County, students will not be allowed to return to collect their belongings at this time. Read the full note here.

3/20/2020 3:39 p.m. ACT/SAT now test optional for admission

Anderson University has officially announced that the SAT and ACT are optional when applying. The decision was originally planned for the 2020-2021 academic year, but the university felt it was best to implement the change now, during this crucial moment in our nation’s history. Read the full article here.

3/19/2020 1:07 p.m. Update from the Office of the Registrar

In response to the rapidly evolving novel coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, the Office of the University Registrar has suspended in-person office visits.
While our physical locations will be closed, the day-to-day operations will remain available on a virtual basis.

Virtual office hours:
Monday through Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Registrar contact: | 765-641-4165

Transcripts can be ordered by visiting:

For questions regarding graduation, please call 765-641-4164

3/19/2020 10:00 a.m. Campus Housing Update

New information regarding campus housing can be found here.

3/18/2020 7:13 p.m. Video from President Pistole

3/18/2020 7:10 p.m. Campus Housing Closures

Maggie Platt, Director of Residence Life, published a letter to students and families about the closing of campus housing. Read the whole letter here.

3/18/2020 2:43 p.m. Letter from the President

All classes for the remainder of the semester will be online. All athletic events and music, theatre, and dance performances are canceled. Read the full letter from President Pistole here.

3/16/2020 11:24 a.m. Nicholson Library Update

The decision has been made to close Nicholson Library for Spring Break and the e-learning week. Read more here.

3/16/2020 11:12 a.m. Campus Update

The Office of Work Life Engagement provided an update for faculty and staff moving forward. Read the letter here.

3/13/2020 11:19 p.m. Campus Update

Please call ahead (765-641-4222) to be seen at Health Services.

3/13/2020 4:58 p.m. Campus Update

The decision has been made to close the entire Kardatzke Wellness Center for both the spring break week and the e-learning week.

3/13/2020 4:38 p.m. Letter to Parents

Read President Pistole’s full letter to parents here.

3/13/2020 4:28 p.m. Campus Event Update

Due to students remaining off campus the week following Spring Break, Spring Into Dance has been rescheduled for Saturday, May 2. There will be two performances that day, 2:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. If you already have tickets, they can be used for either performance since it is general admission and there are no assigned seats.

3/13/2020 11:13 a.m. Coronavirus FAQ

Anderson University has developed an FAQ regarding coronavirus, our response, best practices, and more. View the full document here.

3/12/2020 7:27 p.m. Campus Food Service Update

View the statement from our campus food service regarding coronavirus here.

3/12/2020 5:55 p.m. Update from Campus Life

In our continued effort to provide the safest and healthiest environment we would ask that you please pay close attention to the following information concerning being on Campus. If you have indicated that you need to stay on campus over Spring Break or the e-learning week you will want to pay special attention. Read the full letter here.

3/12/2020 3:45 p.m. Update from the Office of Chapel Attendance

The campus will not be gathering for Chapel during e-learning week. Therefore, the total number of opportunities remaining, and the minimum attendance requirement for non-exempt and partially exempt students has been reduced by two for this semester. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please send an email to

3/12/2020 3:25 p.m. Update from Admissions

The health and well-being of our prospective students and their families remains our highest priority.  We are navigating this situation as new information is made available.  In light of recent developments with the COVID-19 virus, Anderson University is suspending all face to face campus visits at this time.  Your visit experience is still important to us as we know you have big decisions to make. We are offering virtual Admissions appointments! Please view our visit page for more information.

3/12/2020 9:19 a.m. Campus Update

All Spring Break Tri-S trips have been postponed. Read more here.

3/11/2020 4:47 p.m. Letter from the President

For the week following spring break, March 23-27 we will shift all classes to an online, e-learning system.  There will be NO in-person classes that week. Read the full letter from President Pistole here.

3/11/2020 9:03 a.m. Parent Letter

With COVID-19, the novel coronavirus, at the forefront of everyone’s mind Anderson University wanted to clarify what is happening with Tri-S trips over Spring Break. Read the full letter here.

3/10/2020 2:47 p.m. Campus Update

The London Spring Break Tri-S trip has been postponed. All other Spring Break trips remain unchanged. Read more here.

3/07/2020 3:03 p.m. Parent Letter

Anderson University updates parents on a letter previously shared with students. Read the full letter here.


Credit/No Credit Information

Students, parents, and faculty with questions about the credit/no credit options for the Spring 2020 semester should refer to this document for answers to common questions.

Emergency Alerts

Raven Mobile Safety is an emergency alert system capable of delivering messages to your Anderson University and personal email addresses, as well as your office and cell phone.

Faculty and staff can update their contact information by submitting this form to the Office of Work Life Engagement. Students should submit this form to the Registrar.

Community Hospital Anderson COVID-19 hotline


Community Health System hotline


Indiana State Department of Health hotline

After hours:  317-233-1325

AU Health Services