We're All in this Together

Navigating COVID-19 Together

Anderson University isn’t just a place. It’s the people who make up our community. It’s our students who choose to learn with us; our faculty who dedicate their lives to the most noble pursuit of educating future generations; and our staff who work tirelessly to make sure the campus is at its very best for our students and their education. 

May we all make choices, every day, to live out real life together through this unprecedented global pandemic. It takes all of us working together to continue to do good work, and to make it through this challenging season.

On the hard days, let’s lift each other up and show each other grace. We believe that the good we can do extends outside of the classroom. We believe that right now, especially, it has to. We have to care for our community — and not just the one on campus, but all the communities surrounding us.

We appreciate your efforts as we keep moving forward, together. For more information about COVID-19 policies, please click here.

Re-Entry Test Results

Click on the link, select the Raven icon, log in using your network username and password, complete the brief form, and upload a copy of your results. Results must include your name and the date the test was administered. The deadline to upload your re-entry test is Thursday, Jan. 13.

COVID-19 Dashboard

Our goal is to provide clear and accurate information concerning COVID-19 cases and herd immunity at AU. The following dashboard will be updated weekly. With rapidly changing information each day, please note that exact numbers may differ slightly from what is reported here.

Key Terms
  • Isolation: Individuals who have tested positive or are assumed positive.
  • Quarantine: Unvaccinated individuals who are exposed to a confirmed positive case.
  • Exposed: Vaccinated individuals who are exposed to a confirmed positive case.
  • Recovered: Cases where isolation or quarantine precautions have ended.
  • Tested: Total number of COVID-19 tests administered on campus and by off-campus providers.
  • : Increase since the previous report.
  • : Decrease since the previous report.
Active Protocols


Campus Data

21-22 Academic Year | Updated: 1/14/2022, 11 a.m.


Total Tests Administered


Total Positive Cases

Student Data

Weekly snapshot of 1/6-1/13/21 | Updated: 1/14/2022, 11 a.m.


Fully Vaccinated






Employee Data

Weekly snapshot of 1/6-1/13/21 | Updated: 1/14/2022, 10 a.m.


Full-time Employees Fully Vaccinated






COVID-19 Policies

2021-2022 Academic Calendar
  1. Facial coverings are required indoors, with masks worn over both the nose and mouth.
  2. Stay home when you are sick. If you have seasonal allergies, please use discretion about what are your normal symptoms and what is abnormal. Please pursue COVID-19 testing if you are experiencing abnormal symptoms.
  3. Free COVID-19 tests will be available for symptomatic students at Health Services.
  4. All COVID-19 exposures and positive cases must be reported in Raven Solutions.
  5. There are some faculty who will require masks in their classrooms even when AU doesn’t have active mask requirements. Please understand this is an attempt to be a caring community for faculty who have specific challenges. For the small number of individuals who need this extra layer of protection, this requirement is approved by administration, and faculty will communicate any unique mask requirements in their class syllabi.
  6. Campus life activities are at normal capacity without social distancing requirements, including classrooms, dining areas, etc.
  7. Athletics and student-athletes will continue to follow NCAA guidance.
  8. Any student who tests positive for COVID-19 will be required to isolate off campus at their own expense.
  9. Quarantine facilities and isolation services will not be provided on campus.
  10. Students should work directly with their faculty for make-up work for time missed due to quarantine or isolation.
  11. There will be mandatory, random testing scheduled for non-vaccinated, residential students to help us monitor the presence of the virus on campus. This testing will be made available for free at the local Madison County Health Department.
  12. AU strongly encourages the COVID-19 vaccine, but it is not required for enrollment. Faculty, staff, and students will make the individual choice on how to protect themselves, their families, and our campus community.
  13. The VeriFLY daily health screening app and campus checkpoints will no longer be used.
  14. Anderson University reserves the right to modify its policies at any time as part of its commitment to protecting the health and safety of the campus community.

Updated: 8/17/2021

Two students wearing masks in the Valley at Anderson University in Indiana.

Campus Resources: Raven Solutions

Anderson University has a portal to communicate COVID-19 specific concerns. This portal connects you directly to our campus coordinator for the next steps or campus instructions. The university requires students and employees to report vaccine status, exposures to a person positive for COVID-19, or a positive result for COVID-19.

Most commonly used forms: