Title IX

The University is committed to providing a safe and non-discriminatory learning, living, and working environment for all members of the University community.

Prompt and effective measures will be taken to assure that such discrimination and harassment does not occur. All charges of harassment will be taken seriously. The University encourages employees, faculty, students, vendors, and visitors to report all possible incidents of harassment.

The Anderson University Sexual Harassment Policy is designed to ensure a safe and non-discriminatory educational and work environment. The Policy and Procedures set forth how the University will proceed once it is made aware of possible prohibited conduct in keeping with our institutional values.

Every report of sexual harassment will be reviewed and a decision will be made, in partnership with the complainant, about how to reach a resolution. The investigatory/hearing process may be initiated when requested by the complainant and/or when deemed the appropriate path for resolution under the policy by the Title IX Coordinators. In addition, the complainant may, at the complainant’s option, request to explore a range of informal resolution options. Both parties (complainants and respondents) will be provided supportive measures, as appropriate.

In matters where an investigatory process is initiated, a decision on responsibility will be made by appointed neutral decision-makers, through the hearing process described in the policy. If the evidence supports a finding of responsibility based on a preponderance of evidence, appropriate remedies and sanctions will be decided. Either party may appeal the outcome of the matter as outlined in the policy.

To report incidents of sexual harassment, please review our policy for anonymous, confidential, and non-confidential reporting options.

Title IX Coordinator

The university has appointed two Title IX Coordinators to be responsible for implementing the Anderson University Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedures. The Title IX Coordinators are the Director of Human Resources and the Dean of Students. The university’s Title IX Coordinator oversees compliance with all aspects of the sex/gender harassment, discrimination, and misconduct policy. The Coordinators report to the Vice President of Finance. Questions about this policy should be directed to the Title IX Coordinators. Anyone wishing to make a report relating to discrimination or harassment may do so by reporting the concern to the university Title IX Coordinators:

Title IX Coordinators
Reesa Smith
Decker 114
(765) 641-4133

Scott Cagnet
Decker 204
(765) 641-4219

Additionally, anonymous reports can be made by victims and/or third parties using the online reporting form at anderson.edu/hr/misconduct or the reporting hotline at (855) 270-3684. Note that these anonymous reports may prompt a need for the institution to investigate.

Individuals experiencing harassment or discrimination also have the right to file a formal grievance with government authorities:

Region V Office for Civil Rights (OCR)
500 W. Madison Street, Suite 1427
Chicago IL  60661
Customer Service Hotline #: (800) 421-3481
Facsimile: (312) 730-1704
TDD#: (877) 521-2172
Email: OCR@ed.gov
Web: www.ed.gov/ocr