School of Music, Theatre, & Dance Minors

Minors in the School of Music, Theatre, & Dance (SMTD) are open to all students, but may require additional courses for students with majors outside of the SMTD to fulfill the academic requirements. We have provided the typical coursework below to give you a good idea of what topics you will get the chance to study with each minor.

Dance Program

Dance minors can expect to continue training from previous years at a highly proficient level. Courses include four levels of ballet, Modern Dance, Jazz, three levels of tap, two levels of choreography, and Dance History. This is an 18-hour minor.

music performance program

 To ensure adequate performance level, students must audition on their primary instrument to be admitted into this program. Courses include Applied Study, Introduction to Conducting, and specialized courses for singers, pianists, and instrumentalists. This minor is 15-16 hours for music majors and 18 hours for outside majors.

music program

The music minor includes music theory, aural comprehension, and music literature. Students also complete 4 hours of piano, 2 hours of applied study, and 2 hours of music ensembles. This is an 18-hour minor.


The theatre minor provides students with an introduction to theatre studies that includes courses in acting, directing, and technical theatre. This minor is designed for students who wish to incorporate a concentration of theatre courses with their major area of study. This is an 17-hour minor.

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