Arts & Concerts

Whether you have a penchant for visual arts, music, theater, or any other form of creative expression, Anderson University provides a platform for you to witness the magic of the arts come to life. Attend our events, be it an intimate gallery opening, a soul-stirring musical performance, a film premiere, or a thought-provoking theatrical production. Each event is a celebration of artistic expression, and your presence adds to the event atmosphere.

Join us in embracing the arts at Anderson University, where every event is an invitation to explore, engage, and be captivated by the boundless creativity that defines our campus and guest artists. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of something truly extraordinary!

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Reardon Box Office

Explore the events hosted by Reardon Auditorium. You can purchase tickets through  Eventbrite (convenience charge will apply).

Galleries & Museum

Anderson University has three gallery spaces comprised of a rotating exhibition program and two permanent displays.

School of Music, Theatre, & Dance

The School of Music, Theatre, and Dance hosts renowned artists on campus to perform for the community as part of a guest artist series throughout the academic year.

You are also invited to attend the plays, performances, film premieres, art shows, and more that are a key component of our student’s artistic and career development.

Arts & Entertainment Calendar