Adult Degrees & Learning

Are you looking to finally complete your bachelor’s degree but worried about the time commitment? Juggling a full-time job and a busy life can make fitting school in seem impossible. But fear not because Anderson University has the perfect solution for adult students like yourself.


Our adult degree programs are specifically designed to accommodate the needs of working professionals. While we offer the same degrees as traditional college students, we also have specialized options tailored for the “new traditional” student. With multiple fully online degree programs available, you can now create a school schedule that fits seamlessly into your busy life. We offer six start terms a year, allowing you to get started sooner than you think. Take control of your education and earn your degree on your own terms.


Maggie’s story as a Raven — when it feels like home, it’s different.



Office of Adult Learning

Our team is designed to support students over the age of 23. We provide each student with an academic coach and access to a full lounge and private office for any on-campus student.

We are here to empower you with campus relationships to help you succeed. Our chief aim is to support your college experience while you work hard to achieve your educational dreams!

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