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Visit Campus

There are some things you’ve got to see for yourself!

Some things in life just have to be experienced. For that simple reason, our award-winning programs take a real-life, explorative approach — and it’s also why you should schedule a campus visit!

Come see for yourself what community, academic excellence, and outside-the-box learning opportunities are all about at Anderson University. We can’t wait to meet you, so schedule your visit today!

In light of COVID-19, Anderson University wants to offer visits in the way that makes your family feel more comfortable. We know you have big decisions to make, which is why we are offering our individual discovery visits both virtually and face to face. Your visit experience is important to us, so please choose the type of visit that best suits your family. For virtual experiences, click on the button below or for all individual discovery day options, please scroll down and click register under Individual Discovery.

Discovery Days

Ever wonder where you fit into the world? Come discover who you were meant to be through our Career Type Discovery Days. This year we will host 16 Discovery Days by offering a mixture of virtual and in-person events. Discovery Days are designed to help you uncover your calling and share with you how Anderson University can come alongside you to make your dream job a reality! Are you a Storyteller, Influencer, Game-changer, Innovator, Advocate, Caregiver, Mentor, or Investigator? Register below to discover your purpose in life.


Athletic Prospect Days

If you’re interested in any of the athletic programs that we offer, check out upcoming opportunities to learn more about our teams on campus.

Lacrosse Visit Days

Individual Discovery

Whether it’s because of your busy schedule or just because you prefer to meet one-on-one, we’re always glad to set up a day just for you. We’ll work with you to make sure your time on campus meets your needs and gives you all the information you’re looking for.

  • Tour our campus.
  • Meet with an admissions counselor.
  • Talk with a coach or a professor.

“Deciding to attend Anderson University was easy for me. As soon as I stepped on campus, I knew I wanted to go here and nowhere else. The campus community was what made me fall in love with AU. I am very blessed to have such caring and dedicated professors who will do anything and everything to help their students succeed. I am so appreciative of all of the connections I have been able to make through the opportunities they give us.”

Samuel O'Brien, Class of 2020