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Kardatzke Wellness Center

The $17.4 million 132,000 square-foot Kardatzke Wellness Center provides programming for health, recreation, and wellness in all forms — spiritual, emotional, physical, and social. The Wellness Center is ADA accessible and connects the existing O.C. Lewis Gymnasium and Bennett Natatorium at the northeast end of the campus. The facility is the largest building project in the university’s 100-year history and includes approximately $600,000 of instructional athletic equipment addressing various areas of fitness and development.

Kardatzke Wellness Center, Anderson University Anderson Indiana

square-foot building

meter indoor track

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The state-of-the-art facility strategically brings together the departments of Athletics and Kinesiology with programs in Exercise Science, Athletic Training, Sports and Recreational Leadership, Physical Education, and Health. In addition, the center houses the Athletic departments for AU’s 20 varsity sports teams for men and women.

The Kardatzke Wellness Center opened in the fall of 2002 as part of Anderson University’s ongoing mission to foster the well-being of the mind, body, and spirit for AU’s students, faculty, and staff. In this building, students train to be teachers, therapists, and fitness leaders. It is also home to athletic and intramural activities and offers opportunities for personal fitness in the weight room, swimming pool, and walking track.

Spiritual wellness is also a unique quality of the Kardatzke Wellness Center, and a Prayer Alcove is open to anyone seeking a quiet space for spiritual reflection. The center focuses on holistic approaches to health—specifically in the areas of recreation, evaluation, education, and human performance.

The lower level of the Wellness Center features an open middle concourse with access from the north and south. On the west end of the lower level is a multipurpose fieldhouse with four regulation basketball courts, a 200-meter indoor running track, and access to Bennett Natatorium. The center also offers several meeting facilities and a variety of specialized areas for human performance, sports medicine therapy, and rehabilitation.

The top level of the Kardatzke Wellness Center has a main reception area and offers access to O.C. Lewis Gymnasium, a comprehensive fitness evaluation area, faculty and staff offices, and a meeting area.