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School of Music, Theatre, & Dance

The theatre major at Anderson University is a place where you can develop your acting and directing skills while also learning about the historical and technical aspects of theatre production. Performance opportunities each year include two main stage productions, two lyric theatre productions, and two black box productions. In addition to working with our own faculty, students work with a variety of guest artists and guest directors to develop their artistry and enhance their professional skills and connections.

Theatre Alumni Testimonials

The theatre program at Anderson University prepared me for my career better than I could have anticipated. The professors and program not only developed my skills, but my character. If you are looking for an education that makes you a better theatre professional with a well-rounded skill set and experience that gives you a better chance of being hired, come to AU. Theatre students not only gain the skills necessary to be successful in any aspect of the theatre, they become well-adjusted individuals who better understand themselves, their environment, and how they — as artists of faith — can connect their art to the greater community.

Josh Moore BA ’10, MBA ’11

The theatre program at Anderson University not only helped me prepare for my career, but the people and the classes helped me to find my true self. I learned more about who I am, and that made all the difference in choosing a career. I found that my acting classes and directing experience prepared me to be a teacher and director, as well as a contributing member of society.

Kristin Katsu BA ’06

The training and experience I received as a theatre student at AU was unforgettable. The relationships, leadership, and guidance from my professors gave me everything I needed to make my dream of having a passionate, fulfilling career a reality. I feel blessed to have been a part of the department. I experienced influential professional connections and extensive stage time that I would not have been able to get anywhere else. I strive to consistently challenge myself, affect audiences in their own life journeys, and learn and grow not only as an actor, but as a human being.

Lisa Ermel BA ’09

Program Overview


  • Optimal size for expanded opportunities. The smaller theatre program at AU translates to small class sizes and multiple performance and backstage opportunities, giving graduates marketability in all areas of the theatre.
  • Classes build upon elements from previous classes. This process ensures that each student will actively grow in competency as they master different methods of their craft.
  • Working with professionals. In addition to instruction by faculty in AU’s theatre program, students work with seasoned industry professionals in Indianapolis and central Indiana.




Complete the undergraduate major at AU’s School of Music, Theatre, and Dance.

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The theatre minor provides students with an introduction to theatre studies that includes courses in acting, directing, and technical theatre. This minor is designed for students who wish to incorporate a concentration of theatre courses with their major area of study.

Broadway Bootcamp

Learn more about AU’s week-long summer workshop for high school students that offers experiential training in acting, singing, vocal coaching, and dance.

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