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Adult Admission

How does an adult like me earn a college degree? Anderson University is here to help! We can help you figure out how to balance work, life, and school with a program that fits you. Here, we’ll break down the four main steps you to tackle the adult admissions process.

Who is an adult student?

To qualify for admission to Anderson University as an adult student you must be a 23-year-old or older student who fits one of these categories:

  • I want to finish my degree.
  • I want to start school for the first time. 
  • I already began my undergrad career and am coming back from time off.
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Adult Student Admission Process

Anderson University offers a 72-hour turnaround time for application review once you have completed the first two steps below. Contact if you have questions about starting the admissions process.

1) Speak with aN Admissions Counselor

Speak with an admissions counselor to find the right program that fits your needs, learn more about the benefits of the programs as well as find out the costs of the program. You can easily reach an admissions counselor by calling (888) 622-GRAD or sending a message to

2) Complete the Application for Admission

Complete the free online application at, then send your official transcripts and other necessary documents.

  • The criteria for admission is a 2.0 GPA (Director discretion for students under a 2.0)
  • Please send transcripts to If you have less than 12 hours of college credits, then we ask that you send high school transcripts as well.
  • “Official” transcripts are provided by the school(s) you previously attended. To obtain one you would contact the school you attended and request an official transcript to be sent to AU.

3) Receive Admission Decision

Your admissions decision will be sent to your email address, but we’ll call you to congratulate you and explain the next steps.

4) Post Admit Next Steps

  • Finalize acceptance by paying your enrollment deposit.
  • Set up your AU email account — once you pay your enrollment deposit, you will receive a link to begin this step.
  • Speak with financial aid by calling (888) 622-GRAD or emailing
  • Schedule classes — your admission counselor will guide you through this process.

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Upcoming Enrollment Dates

We encourage you to work with your admissions advisor to discover when your programs of interest begin. Only some programs begin during each enrollment start. All programs have classes, but may not offer the entry level classes needed to start.