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Public health

School of Nursing & Kinesiology

A graduate of Anderson University’s public health program will be prepared to combat the rising threat of worldwide health crises. As modern medicine advances, so must our defenses against sickness and widespread disease. The public health degree, within AU’s School of Nursing and Kinesiology, can be paired with almost any major, and presents an opportunity for students to combine their unique skills and passions with serving the world’s needs.


Program Overview

Public Health

This degree offers two pathways. The first offers a concentration in the sociological and behavioral context of health. This track will appeal to students who are seeking to focus on the socio-behavioral, socioeconomic, and health systems contexts that impact public health. 

The second will focus on the natural sciences, and is offered to students wanting to engage in public health practice through research, epidemiology, or environmental services. 


4-Year Major

  • Graduate with a BS in Public Health in four years.
  • Graduate with a BS in Public Health and an MBA with the 4+1 program.

Classroom Preparation

  • Poverty Simulations
  • Disaster Simulations
  • Refugee Simulations

Career Pathways

  • Missions, Ministry
  • Public Relations, Communication, Theatre
  • Mathematics, Business, National Security, Research
  • Behavioral Sciences (Psychology, Sociology, Criminology, Pre-Law, Health Education, Coaching)
  • Health Sciences (Medical, Environmental, Veterinary, Dietary, Epidemiology, Orthodontics)

Practical Experience

  • Two-week intercultural healthcare trip
  • Internships with the local Health Department
  • Internships with Federally Qualified Health Centers


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School of Nursing, Kinesiology, and Public Health

Jeremy Keith

Jeremy Keith

Assistant Professor of Exercise Science

Dr. Leroy Quashie

Dr. Leroy Quashie

Professor and Director of Public Health

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Ct Module Text

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