The Spanish teaching 3+1 model at Anderson University prepares students to teach Spanish in elementary and secondary (P-12) settings.

3+1 Academic Path

At Anderson University, you get to spend three years becoming a content expert, and your final year becoming a teacher. Unique to the Spanish teaching program, students spend three years in our robust Spanish curriculum and their final year within our transition to teaching program. 

Start Your 3-Year Spanish Major: The program requires at least Spanish coursework, including overseas study. Students also study one other modern foreign language.

Transition to Teaching: Following the 3-year major, this 12-month program offers students learning and practicum experiences that are necessary to meet state requirements for teacher certification. Students graduate as fully licensed teachers upon completion of this program. In many education programs at other colleges, students often do not get a full bachelor’s degree in Spanish. At AU, your knowledge and experience of Spanish will not be compromised.

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3-Year Spanish Degree

  • Spanish Conversation
  • Advanced Spanish Grammar & Translation
  • Spanish-American Civilization

Transition to Teaching Program

  • Teaching as a Profession
  • Educational Assessment for the Classroom Teacher
  • Management, Organization, & Methods in the Secondary Classroom
  • Student Teaching

Practical Experience

In addition to a variety of formative teaching experiences in local schools, students earn credit hours toward their major through study abroad. Most elect to go for an entire semester. Through these experiences, we aim to graduate Spanish teaching majors who demonstrate the content and pedagogical excellence and the intercultural humility necessary to lead in today’s schools and communities.



Inge Baird, an employee at Anderson University in Anderson, Indiana

Inge Baird

Assistant Professor of Spanish; Assistant Professor of German

Carrie Clay

Carrie Clay

Assistant Professor of Spanish; Director, General Studies & Professional Development

Timothy Fox, an employee of Anderson University in Indiana

Dr. Timothy Fox

Chair, Department of Modern Languages; Professor of Spanish

Brandan Grayson, an employee of Anderson University, Anderson Indiana

Dr. Brandan Grayson

Professor of Spanish

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