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Over the past 100 years, Anderson University Ravens have been making history. That history, which has resulted in deeply rooted campus traditions, contains the stories of thousands of students who’ve passed through our doors. While many of these traditions have been around longer than half a century, some are more recent, and others have been reborn. New or old, they were created with one thing in mind: community.

Check out a few of the timeless traditions that make AU, AU.

students on the dunn hall drumline
People marching with flags


In its 76-year history, the Anderson University Chorale — formerly known as the Anderson College Choir — has seen thousands of members who have had the pleasure of performing in hundreds of events all across the world.

People marching with flags

MLK Celebration

Since 1988, AU has officially hosted and participated in a number of structured activities surrounding the MLK holiday.

cheerleaders at AU Homecoming

The Hallmarks of Homecoming

Alumni and friends can be found roaming campus, enjoying the festivities that unite Ravens both young and old. Mainstays of this must-attend weekend include the glowing luminaries, lighting the pathways through the majestic Valley on Friday night, and the excitement of the street fair on Saturday morning.

cheerleaders at AU Homecoming

Boosters Encore

Presented by the campus social club, Avanti Boosters, “Encore” is a concert event that happens four times a year and features 16 or more students. Each Encore has a theme, such as “Disney” or “The 80s,” and students across campus audition to be featured in the show, which is held in Reardon Auditorium.

Dozens of people raising their candles during Christmas ceremony.

Candles and Carols

For the past half-century, Candles and Carols has been enjoyed by Anderson University students, faculty, and staff, as well as members of the Anderson community. What began in 1964 as an event at Park Place Church of God on the AU campus to sing traditional carols of the season quickly expanded when members of the Anderson community were invited to attend. 

Dozens of people raising their candles during Christmas ceremony.

Dunn Hall Drumline

While the history of the Dunn Hall Drumline is hard to pin down, residents of the third floor of Dunn are credited with its beginnings back in 2002. After a while, the drumline fizzled out — but recently, the 2018-19 Dunn Hall RA staff brought the tradition back! Now, it’s no longer limited to the third floor, or even to Dunn itself. 

Dozens of people raising their candles during Christmas ceremony.

Decker Caroling

This tradition, known as “Caroling in Decker,” dates back to at the ’90s, and typically takes place during final exam week. Every December, dozens of students, faculty, and staff at Anderson University come together to get Ravens in the holiday spirit before parting ways for Christmas break.

Dozens of people raising their candles during Christmas ceremony.

Walk to the Rock

As part of Anderson University’s New Student Orientation each year, incoming freshmen gather and trek across campus to place their hands on a large rock — Pioneer Rock, as it’s called here. The stone serves as a physical reminder that the AU grounds were dedicated to God over a century ago.