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School of Theology & Christian Ministry

Pre-Seminary Studies

Anderson University seeks to serve students pursuing pre-seminary education through a range of courses considered basic to graduate study in theology. There is not a typical pattern for all pre-seminary education, rather, AU helps you tailor the pre-seminary experience that you desire. We understand that each student has a unique calling, which requires flexibility in their preparation. Rather than a pattern of study, we focus on the themes that will underpin a student’s personal education in seminary.

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Communication skills are essential for interpreting and communicating the faith of the Church.

The ability to read, write, and speak standard written English is vital. Students are encouraged to have a reading knowledge of at least one language other than English. It is highly desirable that a reading knowledge of Greek and Hebrew be developed as a basic tool for meaningful graduate theological education. Additional language skills might be essential, depending on vocational intent and the setting of potential ministry.


We strive to develop general understandings of human selfhood and existence, modern social institutions and problems, culture and religion, science and technology, and the modes of understanding.

A considerable degree of competence should be developed in one or more of these categories of learning. Such competence often is represented by a major in a field such as philosophy, sociology, psychology, or history of civilization. Students are expected to have had some academic experience in these fields.

In their preparation, students complete internships in ministry roles within congregations and para-church organizations to help them identify their strengths and discern their calling.


In pre-seminary education, students develop theological understandings of major religious traditions and the contemporary questions of values and faith in context. We focus on a knowledge of the nature and content of biblical materials as a foundation for graduate training in Christian ministry.

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