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AU’s School of Science & Engineering teaches the next generation of mathematicians, scientists, cybersecurity professionals, and engineers. Our classes are led by professors who understand the ways faith and science work together and are actively engaged in their fields, through writing textbooks, consulting in science and software, and publishing in major scientific journals. Professors make themselves available for mentoring students outside of the classroom in both their faith and cutting-edge research using our first-rate laboratories.

Students studying in our Science & Engineering programs have many opportunities for internships or summer research grants because companies actively seek them out. Genysys and Ontario Systems, two leading technology companies, even opened locations right on campus in order to get a better chance to hire our students.

Graduates go on to medical school, doctoral programs, business school, or even right into the job market, earning competitive salaries at top companies.


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Dr. Willis Troy

Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Willis Troy

Prior to arriving at Anderson University, Dr. Troy was working on his Ph.D. at Baylor University.  His dissertation focused on the measurement and classification of human motion in open space and foliaged environments using radar.

Dr. Troy’s primary research interest remains centered on the application of radar. Currently, Dr. Troy is investigating human gait parameters with Ball State’s School of Kinesiology. However, Dr. Troy is also interested in other areas of applied electromagnetics such as electric motors.

Dr. Troy is married to Xiuli ‘Hope’ Troy who he met during graduate school. They have a two-year-old that keeps them very busy. During the summer of 2018, they lived for two months in China with Hope’s family.  Dr. Troy had the opportunity to explore mountains and experience a very different way of life than that to which he is accustomed. They all look forward to returning, and he hopes he can learn enough Mandarin to communicate in the future.

Dr. Troy came to Anderson University because he wants to be a part of the unique facilities and resources offered to the students. Dr. Troy has served at Anderson University since 2017.

Dr. Troy is a member of the following professional organizations

  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
  • American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE)
  • American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES)
  • International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE)

Contact Dr. Troy:
Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
B.S.E.C.E., Baylor University
M.S.E.C.E., Baylor University
Ph.D., Baylor University

Photo of Gerard Lee Van Groningen

Dr. Gerard Lee Van Groningen

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Photo of Gerard Lee Van Groningen
Dr. Gerard Lee Van Groningen

Dr. Van Groningen enjoys the appeal of teaching a wide variety of mathematics classes from Finite Mathematics to the Calculus sequence to Differential Equations.

Dr. Van Groningen considers himself a pure applied mathematician whose main research interest lies within numerical analysis. His primary work is with numerical solvers of differential equations including the method of lines transpose and defect correction methods. However, with the opportunities present at Anderson University, he prefers research projects that can help introduce students to original mathematical research.

Dr. Van Groningen married his beautiful wife Lindsey in July of 2016. Together they actively travel and seek adventure.  Dr. Van Groningen is also an avid hiker, runner, and reader. He is always willing to join in for most sports and board games. Further, he also donates his time to the local food pantry.

Dr. Lee Van Groningen has served at Anderson University since 2012.

Contact Dr. Van Groningen:
Decker Hall 332
(765) 641-4412

Associate Professor of Mathematics
B.A.  Mathematics, Chemistry, Trinity Christian College
Ph. D., Mathematics, Michigan State University

Photo of Chad Wallace

Dr. Chad E. Wallace

Dean, School of Science and Engineering; Professor of Chemistry

Photo of Chad Wallace
Dr. Chad E. Wallace

Dr. Wallace was an undergraduate student at Anderson University. He loved AU so much; he returned to join the faculty in the fall of 2000. Because of his background in organometallic chemistry, he teaches organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and several other advanced chemistry courses.

His research at Anderson University has been mostly in the area of chemical synthesis. He has investigated the synthesis and efficacy of chemotherapy drugs to fight lymphoma cancer cells. His most recent work involves the synthesis of 3D organometallic frameworks and pyrene-based fluorescent sensors.

In addition to his research and teaching, Dr. Wallace has spent the last several years developing a small organic chemistry textbook to simplify the sometimes difficult-to-understand concepts in that subject.

Dr. Wallace has a heart for the gospel. He invests well in the lives of his AU students. For example, he has taken several trips with AU students to rural Honduras to do medical missions. The worked with doctors (some who were AU alumni) to provide health care in remote mountain villages.

Dr. Wallace is married to his wonderful wife Amy, with whom he has three ridiculously cute children; a daughter, Ally, and two sons, Carson and Mason. He loves Jesus, his family, and his friends. He enjoys basketball, camping, and driving around the U.S. with his family over summer breaks.

Dr. Chad Wallace has served at Anderson University since 2000.

Contact Dr. Wallace:
Professor of Chemistry
Dean, School of Science and Engineering
B.A. Chemistry, Anderson University
Ph.D. Chemistry/Organometallics, University of Kentucky

Nathan Willowby

Dr. Nathan J. Willowby

Assistant Professor of Theology and Ethics

Nathan Willowby
Dr. Nathan J. Willowby

As assistant professor of theology and ethics, Dr. Nathan Willowby teaches courses for both undergraduate and seminary students at Anderson University in the areas of ethics and theology as well as introduction to the Bible.

After earning a bachelor's degree in Bible and religion and business administration at AU, he spent one year studying at the School of Theology before eventually earning a master of divinity degree from Duke Divinity School and a Ph.D. in theology and ethics at Marquette University, where he wrote on the intersection of holiness, scripture, and political theology. Prior to coming to AU, Willowby served as pastor of Crossroads Church of God in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for seven years. He was active in statewide unity services and was the president of the Wisconsin Assembly of the Church of God from 2013-2016.

In his courses, Willowby seeks to enable students to consider the essential doctrinal and ethical texts and doctrines, but also invites students to consider the ways that the Christian claim that Jesus is Lord has sweeping implications for all aspects of personal and corporate life. A child of the church, Willowby has served Church of God congregations as janitor, youth counselor, sound technician, Sunday School teacher, camp meeting groundskeeper, pastoral intern, softball ringer, and is pleased now to serve in the ministry of higher education.

Willowby has served at Anderson University since 2016.

Contact Dr. Willowby:
(765) 641-4529
Assistant Professor of Theology and Ethics
B.A., Anderson University
M.Div., Duke University Divinity School
Ph.D., Marquette University

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