STEM Field Trips

Take your class on an adventure of scientific exploration!

The free, day-long experience includes two laboratory sessions and lunch as the faculty of Anderson’s University’s School of Science and Engineering aims to inspire and excite high school science students.

Let us take over the day’s lesson plan to give your class a preview of studying science at the college level with hands-on lab experience using advanced equipment.

Your students will choose the track that best fits their interest, either Computer Science, Physics, and Engineering or Biology, Chemistry, and Pre-Med.

Our students greatly enjoyed the visit. More importantly, they had the opportunity for extended immersion on a college campus and came to better understand what their futures may hold. 

Anna M. Sluka, Providence Cristo Rey High School

What sorts of experiences will students have?

Computer Science, Physics, and Engineering

  • Build a homemade speaker and amplifier in our electronics lab
  • Do a hands-on experience in our fantastic engineering center

Biology, Chemistry, and Pre-Med

  • Work in the genetics lab
  • Learn how to identify chemical structures using our instrumentation
  • If interested in nursing, visit our sim-patients in our practice hospital rooms
students working in an electrical engineering lab