STEM Field Trips

Take your class on an adventure of scientific exploration!

Let us take over your lesson plan for the day, giving your class a taste of Anderson University and STEM at the college level. This free, full-day experience includes a tour of our state-of-the art Engineering Center, two hands-on lab sessions, lunch, and quality time with professors and current students within AU’s School of Science and Engineering.

Along with using our high-tech lab equipment, your class will choose the STEM track that best fits their interest for the day: computer science, physics, engineering, biology, chemistry, or pre-med.

Our students greatly enjoyed the visit. More importantly, they had the opportunity for extended immersion on a college campus and came to better understand what their futures may hold. 

Anna M. Sluka, Providence Cristo Rey High School

What sorts of experiences will students have?

Computer Science, Physics, & Engineering Tracks:

  • Build a homemade speaker and amplifier in our electronics lab
  • Get hands-on experience in our state-of-the-art Engineering Center

Biology, Chemistry, & Pre-Med Tracks:

  • Spend time working in our genetics lab
  • Learn how to identify chemical structures using our lab instrumentation
  • If interested in nursing, visit our simulation mannequins in our nursing sim lab


    students working in an electrical engineering lab