The Cube

Ontario Systems Talent Incubator

A white room with a blue and green logo on the wall and computers on tables.

The Cube, short for Talent Incubator, is a tech training center that provides students with real-life, hands-on software engineering projects. Students can obtain paid internship opportunities and/or part-time or full-time jobs with Ontario Systems while pursuing their degree.

Ontario Systems is a leading provider of enterprise revenue cycle management software to the healthcare, accounts receivable management, and government markets. Through this partnership, they hope to make a positive difference for young people and to strengthen their business.

“The relationship building that will take place helps us build our talent pipeline, the very lifeblood of our growing business,” said Jason Harrington, President of Ontario Systems.

These relationships matter on campus. “Anderson University believes in the importance of collaboration and real-life professional experiences for our students,” said Coy. This sense of community is central to the experience of being at AU.

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