School of Science & Engineering

Seek Innovation

Come learn from professors that have doctorate-level education in the fields of study they are teaching. Faculty offices are usually adjacent to a central area where students congregate in each department. This creates one of many opportunities for students to build strong relationships with faculty.

This is Real Life: Together.

Come as you are

Discover who you’re meant to be.

AU’s School of Science & Engineering teaches the next generation of mathematicians, scientists, cybersecurity professionals, and engineers. Our classes are led by professors who understand the ways faith and science work together and are actively engaged in their fields, through writing textbooks, consulting in science and software, and publishing in major scientific journals. Professors make themselves available for mentoring students outside of the classroom in both their faith and cutting-edge research using our first-rate laboratories.

Students studying in our Science & Engineering programs have many opportunities for internships or summer research grants because companies actively seek them out. Genysys and Ontario Systems, two leading technology companies, even opened locations right on campus in order to get a better chance to hire our students.

Graduates go on to medical school, doctoral programs, business school, or even right into the job market, earning competitive salaries at top companies.


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