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What if the path to who you’ll become is shorter than you think? With AU’s 3-year-degree options, you can earn a fully-accredited, 4-year-degree in your choice of 27 different majors in just 3 years.

You do the math –

it could mean saving a whole year’s tuition for you and your family!

You get the same quality education and preparation for success in less time. You’ll graduate a year sooner, ready to take on your career or calling and make a difference in the world.

And if you have your sights set on graduate school, AU’s 3-year-degree options get you to the starting line a whole year earlier.

And if plans change, AU’s 3-year-degrees give you the flexibility to change your major or add new courses without staying in college past the normal 4 years.

Check out the full list of academic programs with the 3-year-degree option to get to your future, faster.


View our full list of majors or explore Graduate Studies programs in Business, Music Education, and Theology.

3+1 Program

All of our three-year majors qualify for the exciting 3+1 Program, where a student can earn any of these undergraduate degrees and an MBA from our Falls School of Business in just four total years.

Alumni Testimonial

Graduating early allowed me to pursue my professional goals earlier, and to save money on a full year of tuition. And, I still had time during my three years to complete an internship, work on campus, and stay involved with my friends and student actvities. I am so glad that I was able to work with my advisor to graduate early in three years.