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School of Science & Engineering

Physical Science

The physical sciences major at Anderson University offers an understanding of the nature and order of the physical world while being exposed to the logical application of scientific methods in discovering this order. Students considering a career in secondary education may wish to pursue the physical science major instead of the more specialized physics or chemistry majors.

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The physical science major (50 hours) is not intended as a sufficient preparation for graduate studies in the fields of chemistry or physics, nor is it designed to prepare students for a scientific career in industry. It is strongly encouraged, but not required, that students also pursue the TeachScience complementary major as part of their studies.


What courses will I take?

  • analytical chemistry
  • earth and space science
  • general physics
  • organic chemistry
  • science seminar

View the courses required for the Physical Science Major.


What kind of jobs can I anticipate after graduation?

  • Conservationist
  • Environmentalist
  • Fish and Game Warden
  • Meteorologist