martin hall

Martin Hall

Completed in 1958 and renovated in 2008, Martin Hall houses approximately 183 women. Martin offers traditional two-person rooms, single rooms, and larger three-to-four-person rooms on a space-available basis. Martin is on the east end of campus by Smith Hall. Every year, Martin Hall participates in the Smartin Courtyard Wars with their brother residence hall, Smith Hall. The Smartin Courtyard Wars are a series of competitions to see which residence hall can claim the courtyard as theirs for the school year.

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martin hall
martin hall

the Floor plan

Classic Dorm 01


  Study Rooms
  Lobby with TV Lounge
  Free Laundry
  High-Speed Internet
  Heat / AC


The room

  • Room size: 12′ x 17′
  • Window size: 60″ x 54″
  • Ceiling height: 9’4″
  • Basement room ceiling height: 7’11”
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