Women’s Philanthropy Council Funds Digital Presentation Studio


Anderson, Ind. — Thanks to the generosity of the Anderson University Women’s Philanthropy Council (WPC) and the innovation of one of AU’s newest professors, faculty and students will have a new way to record instructional videos. 

Recently, the WPC evaluated several proposals for campus projects. Among those that they decided to fund was the construction of a light board studio. A light board is a digital presentation recording platform where the presenter is always visible and facing the camera while writing on a glass surface. The presenter can write normally on the glass and the image will appear written correctly for the viewer after the surface is digitally reflected.

Dr. Fred Coon, assistant professor of mathematics, had the idea for the light board studio from YouTube videos and from his work at a previous institution. Dr. Coon partnered with Matt Parker on AU’s information technology services team to bring the idea to life. Through this academic and technology collaboration, Parker custom built the light board studio which enhances the education process for both students and faculty. “I started using the board to record supplemental lessons and had students record presentations for geometric proofs,” said Dr. Coon. “It worked so well I started using it in all classes. The light board felt more personal than doing a voiceover on camera.” 

The use of the board goes beyond the production of instructional videos. “More importantly, I wanted a place where students (especially education majors) could practice presentations with a focus on the technical aspect of explanation,” said Coon. Due to the intuitive setup of the light board studio, students can record a lesson multiple times and post their best version to their instructor for feedback. 

Last year, during Dr. Coon’s first year as a faculty member, he requested funding for the light board through the WPC. The WPC, first formed in 2022, is a group of women with a connection to AU who engage and inspire others to support Anderson University and AU students. One of the many activities of the WPC is to select project proposals for campus initiatives that will benefit AU students and fall within certain areas of focus.

The light board studio has been named the Salt & Light Studio, which refers to Matthew 5:13-16. Dr. Coon said that the reason for choosing this reference is that, “These future teachers are going to have profound impact on children for years to come. It feels like a necessity to provide them a place to practice and perfect their craft so they can be the salt and light for so many children that may not otherwise be exposed to the love of the messiah.”

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