3-Year Programs

What if the path to who you’ll become is shorter than you think? With AU’s 3-year programs, you can earn a fully-accredited, 4-year-degree in your choice of 30 different majors in just 3 years.

You get the same quality education and preparation for success in less time. You’ll graduate a year sooner, ready to take on your career or calling and make a difference in the world.

And if you have your sights set on graduate school, AU’s 3-year-programs get you to the starting line a whole year earlier.

And if plans change, AU’s 3-year-degrees give you the flexibility to change your major or add new courses without staying in college past the normal 4 years.

Check out the full list of academic programs with the 3-year programs to get to your future, faster.

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3+1 Business Programs

Two degrees in four years. Taking you from BA to MBA.

Anderson University's three-year programs qualify for the accelerated 3+1 business program, where a student can earn any of our three-year undergraduate degrees and the 10-month MBA from our Falls School of Business in a total of four years.

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