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For over 100 years, Anderson University has prepared men and women for the ministry of biblical reconciliation. Aware that God’s call to ministry can happen at any time in one’s life, we provide a variety of programs to meet your current situation. Whether you take classes on-campus or online as an undergraduate or graduate scholar, you’ll benefit from a community of students and faculty who are dedicated to the work of the gospel.

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You are called to become someone. The years you spend in college are among the most formative of your life. Explore Anderson.

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Meaningful Community

On our campus, meaningful community takes place with each authentic interaction as you lay the foundation for lasting relationships grounded in Christ. Discoveries happen inside every classroom and every residence hall. This is what real life can be, at Anderson University.

At AU, we believe your values will shape who you are and where life takes you — which is why our values reflect a strong intersection of your education and your vocation.

  • We value good theology — a living, breathing activity done with others in light of everyday challenges.
  • We value the uniqueness of all people, beyond the labels they are given. Let’s break through those labels to acknowledge individuals who were created in the image of God.
  • We value the Church, through which one’s ministry is an ongoing lifestyle. How can you use your God-given gifts to meet real needs and transform lives?
  • We value authentic ministry, focusing on building character more than on crafting charisma, and cultivating wisdom rather than a collection of techniques.
  • We value education, helping students draw from deep wells that will sustain their work, their vocation, and their spiritual needs. 
  • We value you. At graduation, we hope to shake the hands of people who have been transformed by important questions, personal growth, and new ways of viewing the world and its needs.

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