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The Storyteller

The Storyteller

Storytellers strive to inspire. Bringing creative ideas and compelling information to life is in your nature. Stories can be moving and entertaining, and most of all, they can show you how we are all connected. You want to study the greats and refine your ability to share your own stories. Storytellers’ greatest strengths are to understand the essence of something and use a creative outlet to share it with others. You want to see more stories shared through video, spoken and written word, song, social media, or the next generation of storytellers.

Unique Strengths

creative, expressive, and appreciative

Programs for Storytellers

Explore this curated list of programs for your college career:

Cinema & Media Arts


Data Science





Language Arts Teaching


Music Business

Musical Theatre

Performance – Instrumental or Voice

Public History

Public Relations

Sport Marketing


Visual Communication Design

Worship Arts


Next Steps

Explore some of the specific programs listed above that interest you and see what Anderson University has to offer your future as a storyteller.


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