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The Mentor

The Mentor

Mentors want to develop the passions, knowledge, and talents of others. You see the potential in people and bring out the best in them. You are drawn to people and helping them be successful, and it may even be a specific group of people like children, young adults, or adults. Mentors love to impart, coach, and empower. You love to see things thrive and actualize. Mentors work hard to see ideas bloom and flourish, to see people step out into their destinies. Mentors are the quintessential multiplier, developing impactors through your relationships.

Unique Strengths

patience, communication, and enthusiasm

Programs for Mentors

Explore this curated list of programs for your college career:

Elementary Education


Language Arts Teaching


Mathematics Teaching

Music Education Teaching

Physical Education Teaching


Science Teaching

Social Studies Teaching

Social Work

Spanish Teaching

Sport & Recreational Leadership

Youth Leadership-Development

Youth Ministries

Next Steps

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