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Physical Education Teacher Education

The Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) major at Anderson University prepares teachers for all-grades licensure in the area of physical education through interdisciplinary study between physical education and education. Students experience a range of activity, pedagogy, and field-based courses to help them acquire knowledge, skills, and attitudes to become effective physical educators in public or private schools. Students may also add a health certification to their teaching license by completing a cluster of health classes.

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What classes will I take?

Among the classes in the 48-hour major are:

  • Anatomy
  • Instructional strategies
  • First aid
  • Motor behavior
  • Child and adolescent development

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What experiences will I have?

In preparing for careers as physical education teachers, students undertake a directed experience as well as completing a semester of student teaching. Students may also volunteer in a variety of capacities that both serve the community and broaden their experience in working with young people.


What kind of jobs can I anticipate after graduation?

  • PE and/or Health Teacher
  • Coach
  • Athletic Director

The PETE program prepares students for licensure to work in both public and private schools. Our School of Education prepares students to pass Praxis exams and work as licensed educators. Outside of the classroom, students who major in physical education also find their niche in coaching, training in the workplace, and working in research fields.