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The Advocate

The Advocate

Advocates are willing to be the people who step up when they see injustice or unfairness. You are ready for public service because you are determined to be a crucial part of change. Your sense of empathy is unmatched. You care about people having equality, safety, rights, and access to resources. An advocate wants to see systems built to support people on the fringe. You keep your eyes on the big picture and pursue the greater good for all. You are understanding and can see the world through another person’s perspective, which gives you a strong characteristic of trust. Advocates work in careers where they can make a significant impact beyond themselves.

Unique Strengths

empathetic, decisive, protective, and loyal

Programs for Advocates

Explore this curated list of programs for your college career:




Christian Ministries

Computer Science

Criminal Justice


Data Science

Elementary Education

Family Science

Global Business


Humanitarian Engineering

International Relations

Math Teaching

Music Education Teaching

National Security Studies


Political Science

Political Science, Philosophy, & Economics



Public Health

Science Teaching

Social Studies Teaching

Social Work


Spanish Teaching

Youth Leadership-Development

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