DEPARTMENT Of Modern Languages

The Department of Modern Languages offers an academically challenging program.  Our majors include:

Students spend a minimum of six credit hours or an entire semester studying abroad. Financial aid may be applied to their study—something many colleges do not allow.  Students opting to stay closer to home can complete the major through a six credit hour internship with a business, organization, or church where Spanish is spoken regularly. Whenever possible, professors establish placements that give students hands-on practice for their future career.  Through foreign study experience, Tri-S trips, and local opportunities to teach members in the community, foreign language students leave AU with a thorough education and a global awareness. Students have the opportunity to minor in Spanish or French.

Students are prepared linguistically for graduate study as well as careers in education, health care, social services, missionary service, law enforcement, business, or public service.

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Experiential Learning
  • A state-of-the-art computer language lab—complete with Internet access, CD/ROM drives, a big screen television, VCR and DVD player, and satellite programming from around the world—is available to students.
  • The department taps into central Indiana’s growing Hispanic population with community service projects in schools, hospitals and businesses, allowing students to interact with native Spanish speakers.
  • AU is active in Alpha Mu Gamma (AMG), the national collegiate foreign language honor society. Five students have won AMG scholarships in as many years, and one student received the only national AMG scholarship for summer study at Laval University in Quebec.
  • Language opportunities are found on campus through foreign language chapel services and Immersion Nights, which are social events where no English is spoken.
International Experience

AU provides summer, semester, and full-year studies worldwide through a variety of programs. Participants study literature, fine arts, and the social sciences, as well as take language courses at respected universities. Best of all, students have the opportunity to become immersed in the language and lifestyle of the people, learning the way they think and act. Students return home with much greater fluency in the target language and a host of unforgettable experiences.


The study of foreign languages is a growing field in the area of humanities and in the business and social work worlds. The need for individuals with language and cultural knowledge is growing daily. Recent AU graduates are employed as teachers in elementary and secondary schools throughout the United States and abroad. Others serve in a variety of agencies, business and medical enterprises, or in the mission field.

The modern foreign languages and cultures faculty at AU stand ready to assist students in identifying and pursuing career opportunities to serve God and humankind.


Modern Foreign Languages and Cultures

Inge Baird, an employee at Anderson University in Anderson, Indiana

Inge Baird

Assistant Professor of Spanish; Assistant Professor of German

Carrie Clay

Carrie Clay

Assistant Professor of Spanish; Director, General Studies & Professional Development

Timothy Fox, an employee of Anderson University in Indiana

Dr. Timothy Fox

Chair, Department of Modern Languages; Professor of Spanish

Brandan Grayson, an employee of Anderson University, Anderson Indiana

Dr. Brandan Grayson

Professor of Spanish

Headshot Coming Soon Rodney Raven

Robert Stevens

Instructor of French

Lisa Welsh

Lisa Welsh

Administrative Assistant