College of Humanities, Education, & Behavioral Science

The study of English, history, government, language, communication, graphic arts, culture, psychology, social services, and society religion are not dusty relics of the past, but instead provide answers for the most pressing issues our modern world.

Humanities, Education, and Behavioral Science prepare our students for professional careers and help students develop the critical thinking skills as well as facility with written and oral communication that employers seek. From artists to historians, public policy makers to writers, social workers to public relations experts, our majors focus is on the development of skills that are necessary for successful employment and citizenship.  Our majors’ emphasis on experiential learning connects the classroom to the professional world that is beyond our campus.

The departments representing these disciplines are full of professionally accomplished and engaged professors who will provide you with a rigorous education and nurturing environment. These are experts who will help you grow and develop your talents within the strong foundation of your academic discipline.

Our graduates have become lawyers, Foreign Service officers, professors, graphic designers, social workers, broadcasters, police officers, writers, interpreters, entrepreneurs, ministers, missionaries, and good servants to church and society. President John Pistole is a graduate from this school, whose liberal arts background and Anderson University education led him to law school, the FBI, and eventually director of the Transportation Security Administration before returning to his alma mater.

Faith & Learning

The College of Humanities, Education, & Behavioral Science integrates faith and learning, beginning with the liberal arts core curriculum. The school’s departments weave a strong commitment to faith into their courses, minors, and majors. The professors in the College of Humanities, Education, & Behavioral Science do not compartmentalize their Christian faith and scholarship into separate, competing parts, but instead fully integrate the two so that Christian values are interwoven throughout their professional lives and teaching. Our Christian scholarship does not just pay lip service to our religious roots but is a systematic way of understanding and interpreting our world.

As a student, you also have a part to play in this exploration: learning, growing in academic and professional skills, and expanding faith horizons. The professors in the College of Humanities & Behavioral Science understand the issues that surround intellectual and spiritual growth and will be with you to challenge, cajole, and nurture you. We shall walk together, trying to use our scholarship to understand our world and our savior. Academic and Christian discovery is not just a slogan; it is our mission.

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Guest Lectures

The Anderson University College of Humanities, Education, & Behavioral Science believes it is important to enhance the educational opportunities of its students by bringing guest lecturers and faculty to our campus annually. The following lecture series are available to students, faculty, and staff and are open to the public.