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Our classrooms have cultivated Fulbright scholars, film writers and directors, educators, nationally known journalists, and international missionaries. But the learning at Anderson University consists of more than just classroom lectures. Our students publish a yearly creative writing magazine, provide manpower for the university’s video production company, participate in Model UN, obtain internships in national and state government, and spend semesters abroad honing their skills in a foreign language.

This is Real Life: Together.

Come as you are

Discover who you’re meant to be.

At Anderson University, you won’t just study and work among your fellow students. You’ll walk the halls with writers, historians, religious scholars, counselors, artists, public relations experts, linguists, social workers, and governmental policy authorities, just to name a few. You’ll find yourself immersed in rich, hands-on learning both on and off campus, alongside professors who bring years of first-hand experience with them into the classroom, who are still practicing their craft, and who are eager to build up the next generation.

Before you know it, you’ll be an expert, too.


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