Athletic Training: Why Athletic Training Matters to Grace Frazier


Athletic training is an often overlooked aspect of sports. Fans and players are so involved with the game that they don’t think about how important the work is of those who care for the athletes behind the scenes. When we watch sports, an injury can feel like a break in the action, or worse, an unnecessary stoppage. These few minutes might seem boring to the spectator, but to athletic training student Grace Frazier, that is a person’s life who is being changed. 

Following numerous injuries throughout her athletic career, Frazier appreciates the importance of having a good athletic trainer. She realizes that not all athletics receive the same attention, especially in high schools where the A.T. staff is not always adequate. Frazier has a desire to fill that role. She shares, “I want to get you better. I want to help you. I want to get you healthy again. That really spoke a lot into me and having that support system is really important.”

Frazier’s experiences have taught her that injuries not only impact people physically, but mentally as well, “even if it’s just a sprained ankle, what if it’s that player’s senior year? Or it’s the middle of the season. That can really mess with them. What a lot of people don’t realize is how close we are with our athletes and being that support for them.”

Frazier shares that athletic training is a demanding major. Not only does Frazier have to be aware of her athletes, but must be studious as well. Her current track is preparing her for the Board of Certification exams. Once she completes her exams, Frazier intends to further her education, saying, “I really like the rehab aspect of [it]. I’m using athletic training to go to physical therapy school.”

To Frazier, athletic training is so much more than tending to injuries. She is passionate about being the person who is present for injured players. Frazier is in the rehabilitation room most days, wrapping ankles, running through rehab routines, icing, and so much more. Unfortunately, players often experience feelings of uselessness and loss following a season-ending injury. Frazier is committed to celebrating the value of these individuals and supporting them as they rehabilitate and return to doing what they love.

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