Student Activities

It’s college! Let’s have some FUN! From Late Night Volleyball or Disco, Dancing, and Donuts to chillin’ in Mocha’s watching your favorite AU band perform, student activities is where it’s at to take a break from the books, hang with friends, and have one heck of a good time. Regardless if it’s a weekend or a weekday, student activities are constantly taking place. The Campus Activities Board (CAB) strives to create fun and inventive experiences for students and Anderson University is also proud to be home to a thriving and robust Intramurals program.
Start your AU story outside the classroom with Student Activities!

Student Organizations

Your AU Story Begins Now

One of the major things that I love about AU is all the opportunities we have as students to be involved and the staff and faculty who push us to take a hold of those opportunities and to grow as individuals. They’ve gotten to know me well enough that they’ve recommended opportunities and experiences that have been incredible experiences of growth for me. I have no idea where I would be without the people in this place.

Ashleigh Ellison BA ’17